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New Year Catch Up – Power

Last year I purchased a complete solar panel system of 240W. Not massive by any means. The reasoning behind it was simple. I have a house full of women and they just can’t seem to switch the lights off. My thoughts were I would power the lights, and the lights alone, and it would be a stepping stone to solar energy as well as a cost saving exercise. I then put the kit behind the door and forgot about it.

As part of my review I thought about the purchase. Was it still the right choice?

In my house I use electrickery for lighting, cooking, preservation; Fridge and freezer, washing and entertainment; Computers and a TV with a video. Occasionally power tools for building or general work. After an event I wont be using a machine for washing, I could do with a fridge and freezer but should really find alternatives. I have various other ways to cook and I won’t need a DVD, TV. I would use a computer but only in the short term. Lighting will be restricted due to OPSEC but still the only real requirement as we need a good light, many alternatives give poor light. So my panels will do just fine. As long as I actually install them of course. So it goes up in priority.

As a bonus of course I make some savings on my electrickery bill before any event.

I’ll look at what I can do for a fridge/freezer to give me that technology for after an event and I need to add in my future requirements for powering Aquaphonic systems which I will also be looking at this year. I’m hoping each system would have its own panel though so no need for anything sophisticated but we will see.

Once installed I will test the light in line with some computer use and revisit the requirement if I see the need or the system is not big enough to provide part time power for the computer as well but for now I’m happy with what I bought.

1 comment to New Year Catch Up – Power

  • Worthingsurvival

    I remember hearing that refrigeration uses the most electricity throughout a day in a home as they are on all day. A chest freezer kept shut can get away with being run for 15 minutes a day. I repair refrigeration for a living so thought I’ll mention this in relation to your post.

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