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How we need to prepare


Make soap out of horse chestnuts

Conker Soap / Viking Soap


1 – Peel approximately 24 conkers with a sharp knife. Conkers are a kind of horse chestnut and are easily available in the fall from trees or from gourmet nut stores. Discard the brown peels and rinse the white innards gently.

2 – Grate the white conker innards with […]

Prepping while living in a city

We all agree that living in a city during an event is not the ideal situation. We see the risks involved in living there as high for several reasons;

There are too many people there who won’t or can’t move. Many of these people are feral and quite willing to use weapons. There is virtually […]

To flush or not to flush that is the question.

Okay, I’ve been looking into sewers. Not literally you understand but researching them. The current way of thinking is that if the power goes down the water treatment plants follow soon after and the taps stop delivering water and flushing becomes impossible, sewers back up and a big stink ensues with all the health hazards […]

Body disposal in a post collapse world

Several people have posed the question recently of what to do with corpses, of which there will be many, post-collapse. There are views ranging from leave them where they drop hoping animals will deal with them, to funeral services conducted by …whoever, through to mass burials and cremation. There are circumstances that will most likely […]