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What is this site about?

This site is about providing people with the knowledge they need to live frugally and survive any civil unrest, natural disasters or the breakdown of society as a whole. It’s not all about building bunkers and living off of nettle soup. It’s also about making what little money the taxman leaves you go that little bit longer. There are articles with advice over supplementing your store bought products with your own grown food. Reducing your environmental footprint and fuel bills. Of course, there are also articles in here on living entirely off the grid if you can.

This site has been created with the purpose of collating all survival guides and information which are relevant to those of us living in the United Kingdom. Note that I am quite happy to edit articles after they are posted to correct mistakes and/or update the articles with relevant information. That will keep each article in one place and means that a subsequent article will not negate what you are reading. All will be as accurate as we can make them.

Whilst living in the UK we meet boundaries that are not in place in the United States hindering us in our efforts to do as we please. This is not limited to the sale of firearms alone but also our ability to purchase things such as chemicals and bulk quantities of food.

So have a look through and if you think of a better way or something that is missing or mistaken feel free to let us know via our contact form. It is only this way that the site will take off and be of any use. I don’t know everything myself.