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How we need to prepare


Fishy business

One area which I don’t have a great deal of knowledge about is fishing. Sure, like everyone else I know the rudimentary requirements, either fishing as in rod and reel and what we recognise as fishing as well as the larger scale net fishing from massive fishing boats.

For one thing, I’ve never really done […]

A powerful beast

For some tasks; whether you are driving a car, a motor bike or simply hunting with a crossbow there is such a thing as too much power.

As said previously while on the bow and arrow day we had a go with my latest super duper crossbow, 200lb+, and very impressed we were too. The […]

Guarantee your long term food source

What we have just seen is the basics that you need to survive and event and the chaos that it has caused. You have identified what you need to keep fed and have planted out what will feed you in the future. Your food and water supply is assured, or is it?

You can’t be […]

Firesticks bad, sharp pointy sticks good

As the Stasi clamp down on anything that looks like a gun and we watch as stage 1 of the next stage in the demonisation of air rifles hots up in Scotland. Remember Scotland is where everything is rolled out first. That was where the Smoking Ban started and the Minimum drink pricing is next. […]