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How we need to prepare


Giving money away to those that need it more than you

Just been having a discussion about banks and I decided to have a look around at what could happen if Greece goes the No route today.

There seems to be two key things that will happen.

1) Greece will be screwed for some time to come and life there will be unpleasant. People will adapt […]

Drawing a line in the sand

In many of these posts I write about everyone drawing a line in the sand and although we all make the same sort of statements we all actually draw the line in the sand at different places. Many, perhaps the best, make the line in the sand appear closer than it is and never have […]

One skill to win them all

I’ve been hearing that people have been asking the question which one skill would you need to survive a crash similar to the one around 1930?

I hate artificial constructs and this is so artificial. You see I think that there are two things here;

1. We don’t actually know what the future holds for […]

Looking for something flexible for security

Scythe13 sent me a link to an Instructable to set up an off grid camera beacon. This looks very good for monitoring remote locations providing that you are within radio range or can set up a relay point to forward the images. This includes a camera and tranmittor as well as power for the units.