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How we need to prepare


Using Greece as an example

With the issues in Greece showing what value democracy is in this century we have an opportunity to look at a country in chaos that is not caused by War. All other examples in our lifetime have been caused by War in one shape or form and are thus not viable for us in our […]

Out with the Plebs

Away last week and this on a course about dealing with people. Pretty interesting but mainly common sense and knowledge that I’ve picked up over the years so it has been more of a consolidation course and refresher.

So envisage this; group of 12 of varying ages between 30 and 60 and over several evenings […]

Giving money away to those that need it more than you

Just been having a discussion about banks and I decided to have a look around at what could happen if Greece goes the No route today.

There seems to be two key things that will happen.

1) Greece will be screwed for some time to come and life there will be unpleasant. People will adapt […]

Drawing a line in the sand

In many of these posts I write about everyone drawing a line in the sand and although we all make the same sort of statements we all actually draw the line in the sand at different places. Many, perhaps the best, make the line in the sand appear closer than it is and never have […]