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Moving into Spring

The daylight time in the days are getting longer. The weather is warmer but still a bit erratic, global warming you know and things are starting to move.

Firms are moving over to their summer ranges, sales are on for the winter stuff, garden center’s are selling the latest plans and seeds for your garden.

It is time for my annual seed buy. I buy all my seeds, plus a contingency set which I wrap up and put away. Not throwing away the previous sets because although they reduce viability you never know if that one seed may make the difference and they don’t take up much space. I have quite a few older sets now.

I’m also starting to get more work done on the land as the ground is easier to work on and with more daylight you can get more done. I always seem to be busy and don’t have time for everything I want to do.

Had an interesting time over the weekend. Brought home some collapsible crates from the woods and put them in the utility room to wash. next morning noticed this lethargic wasp at the window. Went over and killed it. Wondering how it got in. Ten minutes later noticed another and then got suspicious. Opened and checked the crates and there were about 100+ wasps in various stages of waking up in them. Killed them all but made me think that if I hadn’t been there by the time I had arrived there could have been 100+ active wasps in the kitchen. They kids might have been the ones to find them. That may not have been good. As it was there are 100+ big wasps now providing their input to the composting life cycle and no harm done to the kids. Dead wasps I see as a positive thing. I thought they were into nests but these were finding spaces in plastic to hibernate. You learn something every day.

Bees did not do well last year as I mentioned previously. One hive has survived through the winter although there is still time for it to fail. Big disappointment and this year I’m moving their base to a less sheltered area. Seems I protected them too much and they were not happy. Didn’t get any complaints so thought I was doing well.

Now sitting down and finalising my plans for the next three months. Basically expanding the chickens, getting some ducks, replacing the bees and building two sheds.

With that and the work I am doing at home I will be busy when I am not doing work to earn cash.

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