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Quality Clothes

I’m a great believer in purchasing quality kit although I do see benefits of buying cheaper goods where it is practical. The reduced costs has it own obviously benefits and in most cases there is no real difference.

One area that I do believe there is a difference is in clothing. Cheap clothing never seems to last anywhere near as long as good quality clothing. Although you must remember that simply paying a lot for some designer labels doesn’t mean that it is quality clothing. Quality clothing will last as long as it is treated well and looked after.

I’ve this cheap pair of steel toe capped trainer like shoes I bought at ASDA for £20. They are comfortable and go well with my jeans. They don’t look like they have steel toe caps and nobody thinks anything of them. Normally a pair lasts me two years.  I have several in my preps waiting to be called on.

Since I have had the woods I have had to replace them every few months as they keep on wearing out. The seals leak and my feet get wet. So I purchased some proper boots, look similar, cost three times as much and so far have lasted me a year and they don’t look like they are giving up any time soon. In a similar way a jacket bought for me as a present has lasted me longer than I can remember. It has faded slightly but still together and wearable.

At the moment we can just go out and replace our clothes without issue. Buying cheap is an option but after an event that isn’t going to happen. Clothes are going to be required for our lifetimes and they are needed to protect us from the elements as well as the rough and tumble of living. That rough and tumble will be a lot worse after an event and clothes that may seem good now will need to be able to survive a lot more when we are living rougher.

The only problem is that you really need to feel the quality of clothing to gain an understanding of it. Look at the seams, the thickness of the cloth and you can see the difference. It also costs a lot more, usually even more than designer clothing, but be aware that even most of the expensive designer clothing is not made to last. So avoid mail order unless you are buying something you have already decided is quality gear.

Once you find something you like them make sure it fits correctly. No point in paying for good quality if it doesn’t fit as you won’t get the benefit from it if you don’t wear it.

So buy the best you can afford. You won’t have a second chance and your very survival may depend on your choice of clothes.

5 comments to Quality Clothes

  • Ysbryd

    There is a simple saying;”There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”

  • Fred

    I like steel tipped toe caps – come in handy too if attacked.

  • Midnitemo

    I have frequently been disappointed by “bargains” but quality isn’t to be confused with trendy , some named gear is made in sweatshops to quite disgraceful standards , you can’t beat handling/checking the quality before you buy , ebay is great and grim in equal measures

  • Ken Eames

    I buy a lot of my clothing from a farm shop. I bought a Jacket for £60 pound which is coming up to ten years now and it’s as good as the day it was bought. Tough socks and steel tipped boots from the same shop. At the end of the summer, Camping shops often sell good gear off cheap, to make space for the next years designs.

  • Being a mountain girl like my father, I inherited many of his technical clothing. Even if aged the quality of the fabric make most of his jackets still wearable.
    I completely agree with the fact that the cheapest you buy, the less longer it will last and when it comes to survival you better have the best equipment at your disposal.

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