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Stalin would be green with envy

If he was alive Stalin would be in his element. He would be green with envy at what was made public this week regarding the monitoring of the free worlds citizens. He was ahead of his time in political terms and without the technology available now. Think how much he could have done with what our government has as its disposal now.

Now everyone knows that the KGB, sorry, the intelligence services there to protect us from foreigners, has built up a massive database that records everyone electronic footprints. Although in theory they are legal protections in place we can see from the reports that they are ignored by SJWs who use them illegally but in their eyes for a good cause so it is worth it. The Wikileaks information shows that they have subverted companies and forced them to put backdoors in that bypass any security that is layered on top of the compromised operating systems.

So even those who have denied the fact that we are treated as criminals by our own government have now seen proof that it is so and unsurprisingly many don’t have an issue with it being the sheep they are. Many doesn’t mean all and several people have commented that they are concerned with this overreach of state powers. Hardly overreach when they say what they are doing but nobody raises any issues and ignores any negative feedback but that is life in a democracy.

Now we all know that the bad guys have been aware of this for some time and don’t use the Interweb for any serious work, just to coordinate and recruit with only the thickos being caught as they go about their individual acts of terror without any real support from any key players. That is why the policy of allowing people to be indoctrinated is so dumb. However they need us in fear and therefore accepting of the surveillance.

It shows that you can’t use any computer based system, phones, smart TVs and many basic systems have been compromised. Anything that you can talk to is always listening and sends its data to a central server so it can be analysed. That is why government security protocols require you to leave your smart phone out of the office. It listens to everything and you can’t turn it off. Nokia is producing the old style 6310 for those that don’t need a smart phone but I wonder if they will be forced to put a back door in that. You want an old style one that has no backdoor and you can be sure of that. Although several phones from even a decade ago had the capability of being turned into remote listening devices without the users awareness so you must check and not assume.

Windows 10 licensing actually says that all data in there is scanned and recorded back at Redmond and I have no doubt that there is an element of control in there. Forced upgrades mean that if there is a new requirement they mark it as a mandatory security upgrade and you automatically download and open your system up. No wonder so many computers are bots when backdoors are opened all the time and once the backdoors are shared everyone can use it. That is why I don’t use Windows but even with Ubuntu I rely on the community to keep an eye out for any attempts to compromise it.

Best though if you are careful around any electronic devices. These are now trojan horses for anyone who is using them.

Bottom Line, Don’t put anything on these systems that you don’t want the Stasi to know. Don’t talk about anything compromising near any electronic devices, phones even TVs, and if you must use a computer keep it offline and not connected to the internet, not even for updates.

When you are online or around smart devices watch what you are typing, what you say and what you purchase with cards. They are out to get you.

2 comments to Stalin would be green with envy

  • Ysbryd

    Paranoid…..but are we paranoid enough when comments from years back, possibly taken out of context can come back to haunt us? People fail to realise that the Internet can be an enduring record of what we write or images that we post.
    Your advice is sound skeandhude….only put in writing something that can’t come back to bite you and only post pictures that you’d be happy for your mother to see. 🙈🙊🙉

  • Fred

    And don’t use Siri.

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