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Woods Update – Apr 2017

Weather has improved dramatically. I’ve spent a little bit of time in the woods sorting out some more stuff.

Put down some bases in the new location for the bees. Hopefully this will be a better place than last time and that the bees will thrive. Will need to replenish my bee stock in the next month. That is going to be expensive but needs to be done.

Started with one of the secondary ponds. Put some barley in a week ago and it seems to have cleared up the algae. Interestingly enough all the other ponds have reduced algae in as well so that is good. I’m going to plant some water plants in there over the next few weeks and follow it up with some fish at the end of the quarter.  Looking at getting some fish now and feeding them up at home before moving them to the pond. Then we will see how it goes over the summer.

Still need to get the base done for the shed but just not getting the time. Will take a week off in a couple of weeks and see what I can do then.

Put in a couple more raised beds for veg and fruit so will have more food stocks.

Today I’m officially fed up of eggs. I have so many eggs from the chickens that even after I have distributed them around most of my family are fed up with them as well. I love eggs normally so luckily a gap of a few days will soon restore my liking.


9 comments to Woods Update – Apr 2017

  • straight shooter

    Many moons ago eggnog was the order of the day if you were ill, under the weather ….raw egg put you back on the straight and narrow ….put into milk with some honey …soon had you firing on all six….get some down your neck SD …..they slide down easy ….used to catch old lou smacking some back years ago now ….still makes me smile…!i think some are off the lay boyo ” aye and some eggs try to escape to butty…look there …there’s three empty shells on that branch….lou asks “where did you put that rat poison son” usual place mate ….take a good handful !

  • Ysbryd

    I’m really envious Skeandhude, I had a hernia op three days ago so all of a sudden the weather breaks and the sun comes out to dry up the boggy ground while I’m laid up unable to do a damn thing.
    It’s so frustrating to see all the jobs that need getting on with not getting done.
    On the bright side, our hens are also back in lay and the bees are building up (hopefully I’ll be well enough to divide them early May) I’m not allowed to lift anything heavier than a coffee for four weeks. Luckily my other half is also a beekeeper so she can do it all at a push but she’s not used to working the hives single handed.
    Let this be a lesson for you all and profit from my example guys…look after yourselves a bit more, you’re not unbreakable.

    • Skean Dhude


      Sorry to hear of your issue. Health is one thing that we should all be aware of and to take care of. It may be an inconvenience now but think how this would make a big difference after an event. Plus there is a lot more that can go wrong after an event, how would you treat your hernia, what would we do about antibiotics? We will need to be a lot more careful with even basic tasks.

  • Fred

    Good about the eggs and good luck with the bees.

  • Ysbryd

    The op itself has involved no antibiotics but did involve a general anaesthetic ( I was assured that it couldn’t be done under a local anaesthetic) The problem after the shit hits the fan is finding the surgeon and the aeseptic environment to operate in. Afterward there could be an increased risk from lack of monitoring as the minimum post abdominal monitoring requires blood pressure and temperature readings over a couple of days, post op (both can be done off grid) The follow up painkillers are all OTC.
    The problem with not having the op is that it just gets worse if left untreated but in truth I could have continued functioning for years like that if I’d had to.
    I guess at 48 years old I just can’t get away with mistreating my body and expect to get away with it like I could as an 18 year old.

  • Ken Eames

    Treatment of Hernias with herbal medicines is achieved by the use of poultices of Comfrey. These are made by sandwiches of comfrey that has been immersed in hot water, then squeezed out and placed between Muslin Cloth. Apiece of Plastic is placed over this, to protect Clothing, and strapped in place with adhesive tape. Depending on the Hernia, it can take up to five years if it is very severe. In a survival situation, this would probably be your only method. You should take a tea of comfrey internally to assist the cure. Depending on the size of the Hernia the healing time can be from a year to five years. No operation and when ‘trussed up’ you are still able to work. I am treating myself for aninguinal hernia myself at the present time. Ken Eames.

  • Ysbryd

    Good luck to you Ken, I really hope it works for you. If you’d give us some updates as to how you get on that would be great. I’d like to learn more about herbal cures.
    The surgery was a complete success, I barely used any painkillers and all that is left is a 2 inch scar.

  • Ysbryd

    A short update about that op, it was a total success, a couple of years later I’m back to doing my regular sit-ups and press-ups routine to improve core strength.

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