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Medicines and a Nanny State

Just recently a friend has been having issues with pain. He is suffering from stomach pains and the NHS can’t find anything wrong. They have performed several tests, scans and nothings shows up. They are stumped.

He is taking new pain killers to reduce the pain although they only reduce the pain not eliminate it as they have limited how many he can have of the old pain killers that removed the pain much better.

The problem for him is that the new pain killers they are giving him have implications in the long term and he can’t keep taking them. The ones that don’t have issues and the ones that perform pain management better are now restricted issue and can no longer be prescribed as they were before, special issue or something. There have been changes in the NHS to reduce costs and make savings and these are one of the many changes that have been made to support that.

About time you may ask but these changes are making peoples lives a misery with additional pain while they are still performing SJW operations at expensive cost. Such is the inefficiency and management of our public servants.

On the plus side he seems to have changed his stance on our government. Nanny states seem to be less of his liking. 🙂

So it seems that it is not just after events that we will have issues with medicines. If this continues to increase scope, and it will with the NHS being a broken and inefficient behemoth, then we may have to start looking at alternative medicines now. As our access to legal but restricted medicines reduce we will need to look outside our nanny state to get alternatives and I don’t want to be buying from abroad as we cannot be sure of the quality. I don’t want to be making my own because I know it isn’t going to be as good as commercial produced medicines.

It will still be better than what I can get legally though as it can augment what I can get from our nanny state. To this end I’m going to revisit our previous look at alternative medicines. I was already looking at some solutions with a previous member of Survival UK, Ken Eames, and Ken did a few courses for us. Have a look in the archives for his work. You can start here.

It’ll improve our readiness and perhaps even help my friend.

6 comments to Medicines and a Nanny State

  • Fred

    I may be quite wrong and I’m not playing down anyone’s illness but for myself, I just don’t want to know what I have. Once I’m into that vicious cycle of doctors and hospitals, I may as well give up.

  • Ysbryd

    I can’t say that I blame you Fred but I don’t totally agree with you. Surely it’s better to know if what is wrong can be healed, is chronic or is terminal.
    If it’s possible to fix it I’d want it fixed, if it’s chronic I’d just have to live with it as best I can and if it’s termininal I’d want to know so that I could fit in as much of the good life as I could before finishing myself off at a time and place of my own choosing.
    I’m still young enough to be amazed at the number of my contemporaries who are already dead and I have to accept that shit happens but I for one will not “go quietly into the night”

  • Fred

    Ah, I stay active but if I go, I just go.

  • the trouble with all pharmaceutical medicines is that they only cure the SYMPTOMS not the underlying cause, they also cause side effects which need more medicines to cure them which cause more side effects, so on , ad infinitum.
    there are lots of new superbugs inside hospitals which are causing deaths so the last place you want to be is in hospital if at all possible.

  • Phil

    try suggesting to your friend that he consults a homeopathic practitioner,who could solve his problem.

  • Ysbryd

    …or a dietician. I don’t know any of the particulars of your friend’s problem SD but when my other half gets a pain in the abdomen she blames it on IBS and cuts out dairy foods for a while. It seems to work for here. These things can also be exaserbated by stress, maybe your buddy needs a change of lifestyle.

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