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Survival UK Projects

When a Survival UK project is initiated there are some simple rules which will be followed.

1) A project manager will be defined. This person will be chosen by Survival UK Admin by whatever criteria they choose. It may be anyone, even someone who is not a user of the Survival UK sites. This PM may be replaced at any time if Survival UK Admin deems it necessary to complete the project.

2) Funding for the project will be sought from any source via requests on the Survival UK sites and any other means available to us.

3) Financial information on each project will be available to any Survival UK Forum Member to review. All contributions will be recorded, all expenditure will be recorded and receipts will be obtained where practical.

4) The project scope will be clearly defined before any project is initiated with clear objectives and gateway review points defined. Each project will also have failure criterion and an exit plan. These will be at a level appropriate for the project size and budget. All this will be available to any Survival UK Forum Member to review.

5) Each stage of the project will be documented. A written text and if deemed necessary by the PM a picture or video will be published on a Survival UK site for viewing.

6) If a project fails the project exit plan will be followed. Any remaining funds and assets will be handled according to the plan. This will be recorded as part of the project record.

7) At the successful completion of a project the output will be given away at random to anyone who meets the qualification criteria. This is someone who contributed to the project finances or someone who worked on the project in a sufficient capacity to be selected by Survival UK Admin. A random winner will be chosen using a computer, which will weigh each contributors contribution to the project. The PM of the project will also have a chance in the draw unless specifically excluded from the draw by project scope or exit criteria. Admin may also be included if they have contributed either financially or worked on the project in which case a third party will process the selection.

8) If a contribution comes with conditions attached that wishes to change any of the terms above and it is such that Survival UK Admin accept the changes then this will be documented and the project details changed as necessary. If this occurs then all existing contributors will emailed to explain and be offered a 100% refund no matter what stage the project is at. The refund will by necessity be time limited so we can plan ahead.