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The forum has been set up to enable like minded individuals to discuss survival, prepping and self sufficiency topics and issues.

It must not be used for spamming or harrassment of others. Any spamming or harrassment using the forum in any way will result in the offenders account being disabled. We will enforce this religiously.

Taking the above into consideration this is an adult forum so there may be some issues that you strongly disagree with. If they are not personal issues or are facts then you are best just ignoring them and agree to disagree. This is not a PC forum and some things you will just have to accept.

This site is providing information and help to people to enable them to prepare for uncertain times. Therefore topical items from the news are not allowed. These subject of the items should already be on your radar from your areas of concern or have been rejected by you for some reason. This site will never compete with the news so you need to keep up to date with your own areas of concern via other method. Please do not post any news items on this site. Repeated posting will result in the user being disabled.


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