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As many of you are aware there is a backlash going on all over the West against the current political systems and people are rebelling. Brexit, the EU referendums in other countries and hopefully Trump are examples of this. Everyone knows Trump isn’t Presidential material but he is getting the backing because the others are […]

PREPCOM: A comprehensive radio coms Standard for UK preppers

The objective of the PREPCOM radio coms standard is to maximise the effectiveness of UK based survivor radio stations following a major disaster in which conventional telecommunications have ceased.

For easy mnemonics the standard is the RULE OF 3S

3 is the important number. Remember it!

The 3 parts to the Standard are:

1/3:WHEN (Time […]

Dodgy knock off 2m / 70 cm / PMR 446 antenna for Baofeng

So It looks like I too have been caught out with the wave of dodgy knock off Antennas for my Baofeng UV5 RC antenna. On YT and only the respected Miklor site that are numerous articles and videos of people trying to distinguish between the Genuine stuff and the fakes.

Often its the ubiquitous Nagoya […]