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Breaking the mould.

The whole world is going to pot. There was nothing that we could do about it as individuals, I know I’ve tried and a very frustrating few years that was. Our future, and all of our children’s futures, was in the hands of self serving madmen who can only see what is directly put in […]

Tobacco Storage

Been reading up about storing tobaccco. It’s going to be the next big thing I think. Being driven up in price and taxed to a tremendous extent it is a prime candidate for storage even before you take into account it is treated by the puritans worse than crack cocaine.

I’d always just thought that […]

Living in Fear

I like to think that although we prepare for some horrific scenarios we do not actually live in fear of those events. We accept them, plan for them and thus we can avoid the fear and focus instead on a solution to the problem. It is a healthy way of doing things.

I’ve noticed more […]


Fear Uncertainty Doubt

Most of us are confident in our abilities and feel that we are in a much better position than 99% of the population. We also feel we are doing what we can and although we don’t feel we have done all we want to we do feel that we are working towards […]