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How we need to prepare

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Living in Fear

I like to think that although we prepare for some horrific scenarios we do not actually live in fear of those events. We accept them, plan for them and thus we can avoid the fear and focus instead on a solution to the problem. It is a healthy way of doing things.

I’ve noticed more [...]


Fear Uncertainty Doubt

Most of us are confident in our abilities and feel that we are in a much better position than 99% of the population. We also feel we are doing what we can and although we don’t feel we have done all we want to we do feel that we are working towards [...]

Changing our wasteful ways

One area that we don’t spend much time worrying about at the moment is wastage. We don’t need to as there is always more out there and all it costs is money. After an event though that will all change as we will want to reduce our waste to zero. Everything we produce will have [...]

Watching people die

As you now I’m a very positive person. I believe that most people are honest and decent and that unfortunately due to a set of circumstance that are beyond our control most of them will die. I may seem to be contradictory as I’m doing my bit to help people by providing them information that [...]