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How we need to prepare


Dog as a food source

When times get bad, feral dogs will be valued most as a potential food source. Open your own Korean restaurant!

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Cuisine of Dog Meat

1) Bosintang (soup)

Dog Soup is called, Gaejang, Gajangkuk, or Gujang, Gujangaeng, Guyoukgeng. It has been called Bosintang from the later part of 1940, but […]

Killer Fruit

For some years scientists have been making the connection between drug reactions and the foods we eat. A good example of this is milk taken at the same time as some antibiotics preventing the full absorption of the drug if they are ingested at the same time.

Scientists at the Lawson Health Research Institute […]

Looking after yourself

Simply making sure you are well fed and watered isn’t necessarily going to keep you nice and healthy. You have to keep yourself and your working areas clean as well. You have to make sure your toilet area is away from your living accommodation and that you sanitise yourself after going to the toilet or […]

Processing pine trees for food

Over the weekend we were out again in the woods looking for nature’s bounty. The plan was for more acorns but this time we found an abundance of pine cones on the way so we filled our pail with those. Besides decoration the only thing I thought cones were good for was burning. So I […]