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How we need to prepare


The line between Hoarding and Prepping

I’ve just been offered the contents of an old friends garage now he no longer has the vitality to do his own mechanical work. The reason is two fold, one he just doesn’t have the capability to actually do the mechanical work required any longer and the other is he knows that with a modern […]

More social engineering screws up the self reliant

Our masters still desire to socially engineer everyone in the UK and are still using the global warming scam as an excuse to do so. Basically, because there are still a lot of dickheads out there that believe that humans are changing the environment and need to be instructed on what to do to ensure […]

Modern Cars

As many of you know I’m on the lookout for a new car. My existing car, a Volvo, is just too small and too nanny state. It nags me all the time and I’m just fed up with it. Nice car to drive but a nightmare otherwise. I’ve just bought a van for my prepping, […]

New Year Catch Up – General

With the main part of my plans being around the garden and the home I find I am looking at the remainder of my preps and just keeping them ticking over. I have so much going on I’m in danger of running out of time while I give everything a little bit so progress is […]