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More social engineering screws up the self reliant

Our masters still desire to socially engineer everyone in the UK and are still using the global warming scam as an excuse to do so. Basically, because there are still a lot of dickheads out there that believe that humans are changing the environment and need to be instructed on what to do to ensure we do the right thing.

So the latest proposal by SJWs is that we move away from fossil fuels for the cars and make them all electric. This will soon expand to include gas and diesel for home heating so that the only power generation allowed with be electric. They will control that as without a supply of fuel all our generators, cookers and cars will be useless. Doesn’t matter how much you personally put aside it just simply won’t last.

Of course they will be able to get all the fuel they want for their use but we will be reliant on electricity. When it gets a bit awkward as fuel will become uneconomic to process just for them and so they will then spend the several million required, ironically at our expense, to put in a small nuclear power plant as in some campuses in the US, and several military installations. Well out of our reach of course.

Despite how science fiction this sounds and how far away it sounds I can see it coming, just look at what has happened to tobacco over the last few years. Demonised and for all intents and purposes it is being excised from our memories with films and even cartoons being censored in the name of public health by the SJWs. Despite the fact that diesel fumes are significantly worse and it can be proven too.

I’m looking at sticking to diesel atm and when it becomes scarce I’m going to turn to alcohol. Make sure your engine will run on home made alcohol. It’ll be illegal to make by the time we need it but it won’t have to be drinking grade as we will be using it for fuel.

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