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Out with the Plebs

Away last week and this on a course about dealing with people. Pretty interesting but mainly common sense and knowledge that I’ve picked up over the years so it has been more of a consolidation course and refresher.

So envisage this; group of 12 of varying ages between 30 and 60 and over several evenings they are captive in a room with a grumpy old bastard talking about everything under the sun.

One of the many subjects that came up was the economy. We do a lot of work on government contracts and although I’m not part of that working for another sector there was lots of comments about budgets being cut, new legislation which will lead to increased stealth taxes in one way or another and what the impact would be on our company and us. Although it became apparent that skilled people are leaving our company in droves already, I was surprised to hear, with no jobs to go to. Something wrong there I’m obviously protected from things in my area.

We talked about Greece and compared it to the UK, everyone agreed, we discussed the debt, everyone agreed it was unsustainable and we discuss the Muslim menace, everyone agreed. Seems we had agreement on almost everything. It was too good to be true.

As we talked about Greece though it was interesting that the banks had been shut for a few weeks, the people didn’t have much money for food so they were living off what they had. They must have had plenty of food out there because I don’t remember reading about starvation or major hardship. I suspect that living in Greece with it’s infrastructure made them store more in their pantry. I envisage that in the UK the store would not be as full as many many people here shop daily and use the stores as their pantries with the better infrastructure, daily deliveries and convienience stores everywhere.

The feeling was among this highly paid group, all of us are on more than the everage wage, was that the only difference between labour and the conservatives is that the current government party’s name was harder to spell. They all believe that something is going to happen soon but nobody, except for yours truly, is preparing in any way. It worked out is was too good to be true.

One interesting thing though. A few of them knew relatives that were preparing. It sounded interesting so I queried a bit more. It seems that in one case the prepper had invited this guy and his family over if anything happened. The other knew someone who prepped but didn’t really understand how much prepping had been done. Both said they would go to the preppers house after an event. The one who had been invited was going to pick up his wifes extended family on the way even though they had not been invited because the house was big enough for them all. He had no idea if the person had invited anyone else and when I said that the prepper couldn’t really be upset with him bringing some food with him just laughed.

I see a few people in for a shock if anything happens but they are all happily planning their holidays for this year.

4 comments to Out with the Plebs

  • bigpaul

    sounds like the usual sheeple attitude, more concerned about the next foreign holiday than putting back anything for a rainy day, like most of the rest of the population, no surprise there then.

  • midnitemo

    That is exactly what I don’t get ! people can see trouble on the horizon but fail to act(they could all be preppers observing opsec?) I have met a number of people who through there behaviour/action’s I believe to be preppers but I am loathe to ask for fear of opsec , two guy’s at the gun club waxing lyrical about .22 magnum auto’s when they have no use for them(not hunters)a couple of biker mates have sold up and gone semi rural and are living the”good life” working toward being off grid…..I think there are more people prepping than we think.

  • bigpaul

    even if your right, its still small numbers, 99% of the British population are still sheeple and will always be so, “it’ll never happen” attitude always prevails.

  • Fred

    If we ever met, I’d think we could talk about these things for hours. It’s a worry, the situation, all right.

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