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Status Update

As you know I’ve not been updating this website for some time. This has been due to my lack of time coupled with the fact that very few people got involved in adding posts and I only know so much so ran out of subjects to talk about with confidence.

We have now moved on and although there are not many new posts the site is still accessed a lot and gigabytes of information downloaded. So much so over the last few months that the server resource limits for SurvivalUK have been exceeded several times triggering emails form my hosting provider requesting I move up another tier to handle the load. In addition the forum still has a few dedicated users still sharing information and keeping in touch. Covid 19 has opened a lot of eyes.

I still have no intentions of updating the site on a regular basis as things have not changed and I still have no new subjects to discuss. Although Covid 19 is now here it brings nothing that isn’t covered already in the information available on this site.

Although I won’t be updating the sites I’ll still leave them here as references for anyone that is interested. However, I will be releasing some of the more obscure domain names that bring people here. They will not be renewed when they come due and after they expire over the next year or so people will only be able to use SurvivalUK.Net to access the the main site and subdomains from there such as

As part of this domain consolidation I will also be removing the email forwarding facility for all but SurvivalUK.Net and allowing those domains to lapse as well. I’ll drop everyone who signed up for any impacted email addresses a quick note so they can inform anyone they need to.

As far as the land goes. It is still going well. I have chickens, ducks, rabbits and bees on there now as well as several fruit and veg beds. I’ve sorted out what I need too now except the ponds which have proved more troublesome than I thought they would be and my fish farming facilities still need some work. I’m still planning this out and we will get there eventually although probably not this year as travel plans are screwed by our useless governments overreaction to Covid 19.

I still have irregular meet ups with some of you although I no longer travel over the country to do so as I’ve been working from home for a few years now. Time passes so quickly and people drift apart. Keep in touch if you can.

Enjoy the site and download what you need while you can. From the way things are going much of the data on here will be censored soon.

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