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How many do I buy?

One question that I am usually asked is how much should I be looking at storing? How many of those should I buy? If I had a single answer I could give I would make a lot of people happy. As it is the answer I usually give, and the only right answer, is as much as you need. Everyone has different requirements, different needs, different storage space, different amounts to spend and live in different situations. Note I don’t say invest but spend although I am tempted too say invest as only if anything happens will you see a return on your investment and it won’t be monetary.

Let’s start with finances. How much should I spend?

Well, as expected, that is up to you. How much can you spare? My view is that you have to enjoy your life and live now. I know some people that spend all of what they make on basic living. They put aside the odd item when they can and are slowly building up stocks. Those that have ‘spare’ money every month can afford to put aside a percentage of it and use that to fund the prepping. Take an amount that you are happy with and spend it wisely. Everyone thinks they don’t have any ‘spare’ money but spend some time unemployed and you will quickly work out what is essential and what is not. Most of us though have ‘spare’ money even when it doesn’t look like it. By watching what you spend and cutting back on non essentials you can create ‘spare’ money.

Now what should I buy?

Again, as I keep saying, that is up to you. It is recommended you buy what you eat so your preps are simply and extension of your current food stores. You go shopping weekly and buy a weeks worth of tins and perishables, simply continue to go shopping but buy two weeks worth. Now you have a weeks worth of prepping put aside. Repeat until you have enough for three months or six months. Of course nothing is ever easy and this is no exception. You can’t keep perishables for any length of time so you need substitutes and you need items that are not part of your everyday shopping, items like fire starters, water filters and tools such as weapons. Read around the site for a comprehensive list. But basically it breaks down into the following ordered categories;

  • Water
  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Extras – Items like water filters, sanitation, medical gear, weapons, etc.

Make sure you have the basics of Water, Food and Shelter before you start spending on extras.

Sometimes I am also asked how many should I buy?

People sometime think that have a single item is enough and in some cases it may be. Having a single knife that costs £250 and will never break is great but what happens if it is broken, lost or stolen or you need to let someone else take it for some reason. You are now knifeless. I’m all for paying for good quality but there is a case to be made to have cheaper items as you can afford more of them. Personally, I’ll all for a mixture. Buy good quality and quantity where you can and buy a quality item and several cheaper items when you can’t. Don’t skimp on the key items such as water filters and clothes. But make sure you have several knives with a few cheap ones.

There is a saying in the prepping world that one is none, two is one and three is two. Clearly the maths doesn’t work out but what it means is that you need spares as after an event you can’t just pop to the corner shop and replace the item. It also gives flexibility with a team. I’m loath to let someone else use my £250 knife but a £5 one won’t make me bat an eye especially if it is broken, lost or stolen.

So look at each item, how many do you need to last the rest of your life. One, two or even more. Then buy that and make sure you have some for spares and sharing as well.

Again, unsurprisingly, you need to make your own mind up on how many.

So as you can see everyone will answer these questions differently. You need to work out your own requirements for your situation depending on;

  • Environment – City, urban, woods around, etc.
  • Location
  • Group Size
  • Group Composition – Ages, skill set, etc.
  • Your finances
  • Storage situation
  • Knowledge

Look around the site and the forum. There is plenty of advice to help you out there on specific items to put aside with advantages and disadvantages to each. Just make sure you have plenty of food and water, everything else is based on you having that to live.

11 comments to How many do I buy?

  • Fred

    One small limiting factor here – lack of money.

  • John

    Problem is no matter how much you tell anyone to buy, how little or not buy come SHTF you will wrong.
    I think it’s called Murphy’s Law

  • Mike

    Quality hand tools will last a lifetime if used and stored properly, with enough of the basics you can build almost anything you need. Instead of building up a huge stock of gadgets perhaps we should invest in knowledge first. Ask yourself; if you had to walk away from your home and supply cashe what would you take? These things should be your priority, buy quality. If money is tight buy second hand. An good Elwell axe head or a K-Bar don’t wear out.

  • Wayno

    Hi all… I am from the States..(the mountains of Western North Carolina Actually) and found this site while reading another article with a link here. I belong to a US Prepper site and will look though yours and continue to educate myself.
    I’m with Mike.. When the SHTF… and the rule of law is no more… Hard goods are going to become invaluable… such as a hoe,shovel, pick, hand rototillers.. ammunition, etc.
    Tools to make and repair things and how to use them will serve you well, plus if you have an extra couple. you can barter with them.
    A skill or two or four will also be invaluable.. such as finding water,(dowsing), blacksmithing with related tools,food growing and preservation, making cloth and cloths. etc.
    I thought this was a link to weapons but I guess not.. anyway.. like the site.. keep up the good work.. keep learning.. and passing along suggestions and knowledge..

    • Skean Dhude

      Welcome. As you will see from the site I agree with what you say and am always advising people to stock up. There are less on weapons here as the stasi have managed to instil a culture that is scared of guns and therefore have disarmed us for our own good so there is little scope for weapons to be acquired.

  • Ysbryd

    I’ve just been playing with my break barrel air rifle and realised that the manufacturers had crippled it by drilling a hole in the piston head, this will have been done to bring it under the 12 f/lbs limit.
    Hmm🤔 I feel a simple metal putty modification comming on along with a new set of seals.
    If I can lay my hands on a chrony I’ll let you know how much of a difference it makes

  • Ysbryd

    I can’t get hold of a chrony but online sources suggest that the increased compression delivers a 30% increase in power which can be achieved by this mod alone.
    That would be without fitting a custom spring or seals…..

  • Nutcracker

    I have started to build up some food storage little at a time the wife isn’t really on board but I have managed to get about a weeks supply so far for my family of five just buy adding a few tins into the trolley every time I find myself in a supermarket (mostly Aldi)the wife would have thrown a wobbler if I bought it all at once but the little and often method seems to be working well so far….

    • Skean Dhude

      and it is usually the best if you don’t have the funds. just remember to spread you purchases on other things. it is great having food but you also need water, medicines, clothing, heating. Make a list and follow it but adapting if you see bargains.

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