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Back in the saddle

Well it seems like winter is over despite hearing predictions of really cold spells for the last fortnight. It fills you with confidence that they can predict to a few degrees what it will be like in 2050 when they can’t even get anything more that a few days right.

I’ve been busy over the last few months getting everything sorted out for my parents, with my dad being ill I needed to make some changes which are now coming to fruition. That is one big problem out of the way and should make my life easier.

I’ve also done very little on the land. The bees still need moving and I can’t till I’ve done the new bases which I’m almost ready to do. I have all the bits just need a day to assemble and then fill them in. Then I’ll have to replace the bees that didn’t make it. This has been my worst year for losses and I’m right back at the beginning with just two hives.

The chickens are doing fine though and I’ve still got a couple of empty coops. One of which needs moving up to the land. I’ll move that, set up my duck cage and then purchase some more livestock.

One thing I did make a mistake on which was trivial really is I skimped on the feed bins. I bought some plastic ones and over the winter they have been ripped apart by squirrels and the feed ruined. I bought some galvanised ones and they weren’t even double the price and since then I’ve had no ruined feed.

So hoping to get back into things moving on and contact the people I’ve not spoken to for some time as well as trying to do regular posts. Although to be honest I’m at the stage where I’m all out of any new info, I have passed on everything I can think of so now it is simply repeating some things.

I have lots of new files for the files site and will be updating that starting in March. Send me anything you can for that. I’m always interested especially anything on improvised weapons such as 3D printer schematics and weapons made from household items. Always suggest you download everything to a stand alone drive and keep it offline. I’ve set up my own Linux Build just for that which I will write about soon.

In the meantime good luck with your continued prepping. I think the pressure is less now due to Trump being in power but that doesn’t mean something won’t happen. Blackouts are still predicted in Oz and we don’t have a coherent energy policy.

If there is anything you think we should be exploring then let me know and I’ll write something about it or if you have any articles then send them in. Not interested in discussing what will be the results of Trump or Brexit though. They will play out just fine imo.

1 comment to Back in the saddle

  • Ysbryd

    With winter over and Spring having sprung the grey squirrel population has gone nuts (haha)
    I’ve had my humane squirrel traps going 24/7 and it doesn’t look like I’ll be done with them any time soon.
    They are edible but I don’t like the messing about for a very small reward, thankfully my dogs all love them.

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