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Mid January 2017 Update

Been a busy time since Christmas. Mainly sorting inside and moving things around as my dad is really ill. NHS screwed up again and he is much worse than he was before. They really need to be held accountable for their actions but not in this mickey mouse country.

The land is pretty static. I’ve prepared the hives for moving and going to do that the next frosty day. The remainder is just keeping the livestock fed and clearing up after the strong winds.

Besides that it is sorting and moving stuff around. Pretty boring really but busy.

7 comments to Mid January 2017 Update

  • Ysbryd

    I’m wishing the ground would dry out a little…most of my place is inaccessible at the moment, even in the tractor. Roll on spring

  • Fred

    No fallen trees yet?

  • Javel


    It’s wet and cold here too in Asylum Chicago. The cold temps lower our daily gunplay in the city. I saw your comment from Oct about Trump not being qualified to be President.

    Knowing your information might be limited by what our US Left Wing media offers, a/k/a the Fourth Estate, I should advise that there are only 3 legal requirements for US President: US Citizen by birth, Minimum US Residency 14 years, Minimum age: 35.

    While not a Trump fanboy, I have tired of US No Action Talk Only (NATO) politicians who support and fund programs for social programs and criminals (illegal aliens/migrants). Americans are cringingly waiting to see if Trump can make things better after 8 years of Obama made things progressively worse both economically and socially.

    BTW, Obama was a lawyer, but never had a real job. He was a community organizer for an NGO in Chicago before becoming a US Senator for 2 years and then President. His lack of life and business experience really showed. We all wish him well on the ex-Presidents speaking & book signing tour. In 8 years, he achieved 2 things: Passing the Obamacare Healthcare law (ACA) which has now self-destructed and he approved killing OBL.

    We’re hoping, but not certain, Trump can get a few more things done.

    Could you please enlighten me on why Brits make comments about US politics that have little to no effect on Britain? Americans just don’t give a crap about British politics, the EU, or BREXIT. 95% of Americans don’t know what BREXIT is and don’t know your PM is a lady:)

  • Skean Dhude

    Javel, I don’t think I said he wasn’t qualified. I may have said he isn’t ideal but I am still a supporter and think he was the best available and the hope for a big change.

    I do keep up with politics in the EU and the USA because those politics impact us. What happens in the USA impacts the UK but the reverse isn’t true. That is why you will find many of your cousins, like me, over here have a strong interest in US politics. I know all about Obamas previous, err… achievements and we know all about Trump and not just via the lamestream media. Trump has already gotten a few more things done and Obamas legacy will be he was the first black president and like every country that has a black leader it was driven into the ground and corruption reigned.

    Most people across the world don’t care about anything outside their own part of the country so it isn’t just merkins. I have found though that the merkins I have met are aware of our politics and have views. Although we cannot vote we have opinions and are able and willing to discuss them.

  • Ysbryd

    Javel, I’m probably at least as well informed about President Trumps policies as any ordinary citizen of the United States. World politics affect us all and can impact on my level of readiness so of course I take an intense interest. We are entitled to discuss matters like this here as this is what is called a ‘discussion forum’. All comments that were posted here seemed positive enough or at worst neutral, there was no direct criticism of President Trump or the US so I’m unsure where this is coming from.

  • Rocks

    Trump is a war-dodging coward.

  • Ysbryd

    That’s pretty direct criticism of Trump from Rocks.😂😂😂.. and technically true, he dodged military service.

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