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How we need to prepare


New Online Tools

As many of you are aware there is a backlash going on all over the West against the current political systems and people are rebelling. Brexit, the EU referendums in other countries and hopefully Trump are examples of this. Everyone knows Trump isn’t Presidential material but he is getting the backing because the others are happy with the status quo as it keeps their noses in the trough.

What you may not know is that there is a significant backlash against the PC society and SJW scum in general and this is causing some interesting developments in the IT area.

First of all, Gab, it is a twitter replacement, has all the functionality of Twitter with none of the censorship or hand wringing. It is available now but beware there is a big list of applicants being processed and it will take a few weeks, at this point, to be added. You won’t find these cooperating with the government without legal pressure.

Next up is Infogalactic, this is a Wikipedia replacement which is being set up follow specific rules, or canons as they call it, which are defined here. Infogalactic is already there in its base form although still under development and here is a roadmap of the work they are doing to add interesting functionality to it.

There are others on the way. Leave the SJWs to their own safe rooms so they can hold each others hands while we discuss things in a reasonable grown up manner.

Getting the balance right.

After several years of looking at what I should be putting aside for an event and adding to my preps at least something every month I’ve come to the conclusion that I will never be ready.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t think I will be unprepared it just means that I don’t feel I will have the perfect balance that I am striving for.

The issues for me are simple;

  • I know that my preps are only to enable a smooth transition from the current situation to the new situation.
  • I do not know what the event will be.
  • I do not know when the event will occur, if at all.
  • I am not rich but I am reasonably well off.

This means that;

  • I do not know what I need to put aside.
  • I do not know how long I have to prepare.
  • I must prepare slowly and make best use of my resources, time and money.

Therefore as previously stated I have looked at all the events that can occur, looked at each one I think is likely and which ones are survivable then added that to my list of risks which I prepare for. I’ve then listed everything I need, and it is a lot and prioritised them.

Obviously Water, Food and medical supplies were high on the list but no point having 2 million litres of water and no food so I bought a little water, a water filter, some food, some medical supplies, some clothes, a couple of tools and over the years I have bought what I wanted plus a million other things to cover what I thought would happen. Many of the items were for specific threats such as NBC terror attacks and over the years, I’ve been prepping a long time and I have amassed a lot of equipment and spent thousands of pounds. I have everything I was looking for plus some things I have not thought about.

Now I am in a comfortable position I find that I am still looking at what I have and still adding things here and there. Every now and again I’ll buy some extra water, food, clothes and the odd tool. Still adding medical supplies because you can never have enough of them. I’m still adding and refining my balance but know I won’t finish until I am forced to.

Living is a socialist police state I find that I am restricting in acquiring some of the items that are necessary, I can’t get firearms, ammunition, a lot of the medical stuff I would like like antibiotics and other medicines and what radios I can use without a licensing process. I also need to register and report if I want pigs or goats, hooved animals have to be monitored. I’m legally limited in what I can do to my own property, how much fuel I can store, what containers it has to be in and even how many aspirin I can purchase as just a couple of the many restrictions that restrict what we can do to prepare. Hopefully as our society changes with brexit and our immigrants then some of that will change although it is unlikely with May now able to introduce more of her long sought after police state.

Don’t expect too much help from others

In my final comment about the socialist disaster that is Venezuela I would just like to point out a couple of points that I think many have missed and we need to consider.

First thing is that when things started to go wrong the politicians all over the world who could clearly see what was going on went quiet. Even the ones that are not socialist scum have been very quiet. Those that are simply carried on pushing socialism in their own country and simply stopped mentioning the socialist paradise that was Venezuela. They didn’t have the right stuff. Our way is still OK. Not one thought of raising the issue and discuss what could be done about it. No help from them.

Over in Venezuela their politicians simply carried on as before and when things started to come off the tracks did they fix it? No, they simply made legislation that forced shops to sell their product at less than it cost them to make or buy it and closed ranks. In effect making the small businesses support a failed policy. This led to businesses collapsing and everything moving to the black market. Politicians don’t care about anything between elections. Staying firmly on their failed ideology even though it was clear their policies weren’t working and things were getting worse with no solution on the radar. No help from them.

Next up we have the World Order infrastructure, organisations like the UN who although they do not ignore it completely, publishing reports and stats, don’t shout out the situation. The politicians wouldn’t like it and the bureaucrats in these organisations are all lefties anyway so don’t want to make too much of a fuss. They too don’t want to point out the failed state as they are still selling their global socialist agenda based along similar lines. What are a few deaths when utopia is their end goal. No help from them.

Then we have our usual quislings, the MSM, they should be shouting this to the world but are instead hiding the stories and burying the news from there. In effect they are supporting this and have not a care about the toll on human lives. I blame the media for the current state of the world. Their most important role was to keep us informed about what is going on and they have failed miserably in this by siding with our politicians and covering up and lying about what politicians are up to. Scumbags. By not doing their jobs there is no help from anyone as most don’t know about it.

Because nobody really knows about what is going on, just ask your friends what they know, nothing will be done until Venezuela collapses big time over some unrelated issue such as a storm or epidemic, which the whole situation can then be blamed on, and at that point there will be calls to help and we are expected to put our hands in our pockets to help it recover. If only they were black or muslim we would be already be helping them but being mainly Christian and basically Western they are on their own.

Closer to home though we aren’t quite as bad as that as we roll out a police state where telling the truth via twitter or putting bacon on a door handle gets you a prison sentence but committing crimes of violence gets you a warning and a slap on the wrist. However we have enough socialism here as well as enough debt to threaten our economies too. A Venezuelan situation could easily be here.

So if anything happens don’t expect anyone else to come to your aid. Your future depends on what you have set up and the contacts you have made to prepare for this. Don’t skimp on the assumption that you will get help from others.

Make sure you do what you need for you and your families future. It is all on you.

Where is your line in the sand?

Still looking to learn more from the discussions about Venezuela and the socialist caused issues there and I was reading an article about how looters were breaking in and stealing from neighbours just to get some food and how some of these incidents led to fatalities.

I’ve thought about this type of scenario for a long time and the main part of that thought process is around stopping the looters. How far would I go to stop them? Where exactly is my line in the sand?

Under normal circumstances we wouldn’t stop then. We would call plod who would race around and arrest them taking them away for prosecution which is exactly what we pay them for. Bhawwwww. Only kidding. They would steal you blind and Plod would contact you a few days later with a crime number so you could claim from your insurance, you do have that don’t you? If you tried to stop them and were successful then the chances are you would end up charged for illegally detaining them. Long gone are they days of self defence and an Englishman’s home is their castle. While the rule of law is in place then justice is out the window and you must conform to the rules put in place by the Stasi.

If everything goes tits up then you cannot expect Plod to answer the phone, even if there are phones, and you are on your own. Even then though you need to consider that everything may go back to normal and you may have to answer for everything you have done while Plod were unavailable, with the wonderful knowledge of knowing that things are now back to normal they will state that the rule of law still applied and you will have to face justice for your crimes. The heinous crime of defending yourself. So you must take this into consideration while you are on your own.

Self defence is still a reasonable defence though, especially if there are no plod nor likely to be any around for a while, you must defend your property and your life on your own. It is your duty to do so and you and your entire families lives and freedom may depend on that. With no plod around peoples basic natures will be let loose and we have been disarmed by the Stasi, unlike a lot of criminals.

So the question is how far will you go to defend you and your families lives? It isn’t a trick question and you need to be brutally honest as it will make a big difference to your preps.

If you are willing to defend your stuff you must know how far you are willing to go. Where will you stop in a fight, will you be prepared to set traps for invaders willing to kill. Will you be able to kill someone that is a clear and present threat to you and yours?

Most of us say ‘Yes’ they would do anything for their families but in my experience many people talk a good fight but in reality they will buckle under the threat and leave themselves and their families exposed.

Thinking you can do something means you plan for that so if you fail to act then your planning is for nought. It is much better to be honest and your thoughts must be used to evaluate your preps. If you are going to just roll over and let invaders take what they want then you need to spread your preps about and hide them well. Hiding yourself and your family as well. If you are a stone killer then you can potentially defend a single cache against all but a mob.

Most of us will fit somewhere in the middle where we will have no issue with defending ourselves against a invader with wild eyes intent on killing and eating us. While most will not want to do anything against a young teenager although that person is still a threat to us. At the very least they can harm us or even worse announce our status to the world and how long do you think you will be able to keep secure then.

Try and consider several options and then ask could you stop that person with force.

  • A male armed home invader.
  • A female armed home invader.
  • A male teenager home armed invader.
  • A female teenager armed home invader.
  • A child armed home invader.
  • A male home invader.
  • A female home invader.
  • A male teenager home invader.
  • A female teenager home invader.
  • A male trying to get in.
  • A female trying to get in.
  • A male teenager trying to get in.
  • A female teenager trying to get in.
  • A child trying to get in.
  • A female with child trying to get in.
  • Several children trying to get in.
  • Someone with a police uniform on trying to get in.
  • One of your neighbours, one you know is untrustworthy, trying to get in.
  • One of your neighbours whom you like trying to get in.

This isn’t even a comprehensive list as even the least racist person person on the planet will respond in different ways if a straggly bearded man of asian descent was standing at the door or a elderly cuddly granddad type was standing there.

So spend a bit of time seriously thinking about the scenarios you could face after an event, the types of threat and where you would draw the line. Decide where your line in the sand is and then consider the probability of that happening. The information could save your life as you should stash your cache in different ways depending on the answers.