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How we need to prepare


One skill to win them all

I’ve been hearing that people have been asking the question which one skill would you need to survive a crash similar to the one around 1930?

I hate artificial constructs and this is so artificial. You see I think that there are two things here;

1. We don’t actually know what the future holds for us

When I finish my time machine I’m going to go back in time and make a killing in the 1930s stock market as well as all the economic downturns since. Buy stock in IBM/Microsoft/Google/Facebook and all these other things. I’ll even stock up on weapons to avoid the bans put in place over the last 100 years. I’ll then use it to pop forward in time and find out what to spend my my ill gotten gains on to ensure my survival.

In the absence of my time machine I have to ask what single skill is most important?

There is no single skill that is so critical we don’t need any knowledge of other skills.

2. Everyone needs a broad range of skills

Nobody has one single skill that they can say is the way they make their way through life. Everyone has a mixture of skills and this is what they use, with varying degrees of success, to move through their life and surviving. People can add to these skills or they can utilise other peoples skills in areas which they believe they need other skills for.

We take our existing skills and life from them or we enhance them via some method and we live from that.

That is how we get on in life and to be honest there isn’t really any other way of doing it.

It is however very unusual to find, and I can’t think of anyone, who has just one skill. This makes the questions pretty meaningless unless you know the other skills that that person has which they wish to compliment with the skill that they identify.

Personally, I would say it depends on the circumstances. So what is going to happen and what skill am I short of? Without knowing the first how can you answer the second?

Poultry update

Well it seems that I have just acquired some ducks for fathers day. Whoo Hoo kids.


Here are the two new ducks facing up to the bantams in their new run. Had to put chicken wire along the bottom as their first action was to make a run for it straight through the run wiring and out to freedom.

They appear to be settling in but still spend a lot of time under the coop.

Looking for something flexible for security

Scythe13 sent me a link to an Instructable to set up an off grid camera beacon. This looks very good for monitoring remote locations providing that you are within radio range or can set up a relay point to forward the images. This includes a camera and tranmittor as well as power for the units.

All handy for monitoring our caches, bug out locations and even critical areas around our homes.

I’ve been looking for a while now for a more local solution that needs no mains or standard battery power that provides video monitoring of the area around my house and supplies that to a tablet or smartphone that has the capability of recording the data.

I found a nice little camera and tablet unit on eBay that gives me a view of what is going on, the quality is adequate but not exceptional and it uses WiFi to communicate. The only issue is that it needs mains to power the cameras so I can’t set it up exactly where I want it and setting up a 240V solar panel system to bring it back down to 5V seems a bit of an overkill.

I’m going to try setting up a 5V solar panel and feeding it directly into the camera replacing the transformer. That should resolve my issue.

As an aside with the Stasi having this rule about charging us for watching any live TV broadcast and the exact phrase is ‘You need to be covered by a valid TV Licence if you watch or record TV as it’s being broadcast. This includes the use of devices such as a computer, laptop, mobile phone or DVD/video recorder.’ Bear in mind that TV means Tele = remote and vision I would guess that legally we have set up our own transmitter with the SSTV set up in the instructable and that would make us liable for a TV license at the minimum and I was wondering if in this mickey mouse country we don’t have some licensing issues with transmitting SSTV anyway. For my use I know that WiFi won’t create an issue with transmitting video, although I’m not clear on the TV licensing issue for receiving the images simply because they are being broadcast live and the BBC want’s what they perceive as their cut. Worth remembering if you don’t have a TV license.

SUK Meets Update

Just to let everyone know we are cancelling the SUK NW meet and will rearrange for a later date. Some personal issues that are not mine to get into. I’ve contacted everyone that let me know and told them. I’ll sort out another date when things have settled down.

In a related way I have had a request from Spandex228 for a shout out for any preppers in the NNW area, the Morecambe and Lancaster way.

If anyone is interested then either contact Spandex228 or post a comment here that Spandex228 can pick up.