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How we need to prepare

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Using Greece as an example

With the issues in Greece showing what value democracy is in this century we have an opportunity to look at a country in chaos that is not caused by War. All other examples in our lifetime have been caused by War in one shape or form and are thus not viable for us in our preps for a banking collapse leading to societal collapse.

I’d like to state up front that this is my opinion only and not the output from some think tank other than Skean Dhude’s It’s Bleeding Obvious Think Tank.

I thought there were a few surprises that came out of the Greek Tragedy (I couldn’t resist that) although nothing totally unexpected, I was just surprised how open they were about their treatment of Democracy.

First of all.

  • The politicians lied all the way through.
  • The protection of their precious domain was their number 1 priority.
  • They didn’t care in the slightest about the ordinary people.
  • They kept the banks closed to hold the people to ransom.

All that is political and we can expect the same when it comes to our turn. What I was interested in was;

  • Three weeks without cash for most people and they carried on pretty much as normal.
  • No mass die offs with starvation.
  • No mass rioting over food.
  • No sign of plod fighting off people trying to do, well anything.
  • They voted in their own self interests. No surprise there.
  • They didn’t like it when the EU pushed back and screwed them.

The main bits I took away was the way that except for the political shenanigans and the cash being withheld there wasn’t that much that happened to them on a societal collapse basis. I’ve thought long and hard about this and have come to the following conclusions, which may not be correct.

When it comes to our turn.

  • There will be nobody to bail us out. The UK and Germany are the net contributors to this failed experiment.
  • Our demographics are different. Just look at who was rioting at all the riots over the last decade.
  • Our infrastructure is different. We have so many shops catering to just in time buyers.
  • Our societal solidarity is much weaker. Family ties are much less than they were.

All this in my view makes us more likely to run riot if, when, the same thing happens here. The only saving grace is that it doesn’t appear that people left their familiar surroundings and we can but hope for the same thing here.

Finally, I think that it will come as a big shock to people here. even now with the data showing that we each owe a lot more then every Greek and watching on the TV how much control they have over it all I hear here is that ‘They took they money. If they can’t pay it back that is their problem’ Despite my statement of how much control do we have and how much do we owe they just see the whole situation as ;’Different’ It just is isn’t it.

Until it is our turn.

Out with the Plebs

Away last week and this on a course about dealing with people. Pretty interesting but mainly common sense and knowledge that I’ve picked up over the years so it has been more of a consolidation course and refresher.

So envisage this; group of 12 of varying ages between 30 and 60 and over several evenings they are captive in a room with a grumpy old bastard talking about everything under the sun.

One of the many subjects that came up was the economy. We do a lot of work on government contracts and although I’m not part of that working for another sector there was lots of comments about budgets being cut, new legislation which will lead to increased stealth taxes in one way or another and what the impact would be on our company and us. Although it became apparent that skilled people are leaving our company in droves already, I was surprised to hear, with no jobs to go to. Something wrong there I’m obviously protected from things in my area.

We talked about Greece and compared it to the UK, everyone agreed, we discussed the debt, everyone agreed it was unsustainable and we discuss the Muslim menace, everyone agreed. Seems we had agreement on almost everything. It was too good to be true.

As we talked about Greece though it was interesting that the banks had been shut for a few weeks, the people didn’t have much money for food so they were living off what they had. They must have had plenty of food out there because I don’t remember reading about starvation or major hardship. I suspect that living in Greece with it’s infrastructure made them store more in their pantry. I envisage that in the UK the store would not be as full as many many people here shop daily and use the stores as their pantries with the better infrastructure, daily deliveries and convienience stores everywhere.

The feeling was among this highly paid group, all of us are on more than the everage wage, was that the only difference between labour and the conservatives is that the current government party’s name was harder to spell. They all believe that something is going to happen soon but nobody, except for yours truly, is preparing in any way. It worked out is was too good to be true.

One interesting thing though. A few of them knew relatives that were preparing. It sounded interesting so I queried a bit more. It seems that in one case the prepper had invited this guy and his family over if anything happened. The other knew someone who prepped but didn’t really understand how much prepping had been done. Both said they would go to the preppers house after an event. The one who had been invited was going to pick up his wifes extended family on the way even though they had not been invited because the house was big enough for them all. He had no idea if the person had invited anyone else and when I said that the prepper couldn’t really be upset with him bringing some food with him just laughed.

I see a few people in for a shock if anything happens but they are all happily planning their holidays for this year.

More social engineering screws up the self reliant

Our masters still desire to socially engineer everyone in the UK and are still using the global warming scam as an excuse to do so. Basically, because there are still a lot of dickheads out there that believe that humans are changing the environment and need to be instructed on what to do to ensure we do the right thing.

So the latest proposal by SJWs is that we move away from fossil fuels for the cars and make them all electric. This will soon expand to include gas and diesel for home heating so that the only power generation allowed with be electric. They will control that as without a supply of fuel all our generators, cookers and cars will be useless. Doesn’t matter how much you personally put aside it just simply won’t last.

Of course they will be able to get all the fuel they want for their use but we will be reliant on electricity. When it gets a bit awkward as fuel will become uneconomic to process just for them and so they will then spend the several million required, ironically at our expense, to put in a small nuclear power plant as in some campuses in the US, and several military installations. Well out of our reach of course.

Despite how science fiction this sounds and how far away it sounds I can see it coming, just look at what has happened to tobacco over the last few years. Demonised and for all intents and purposes it is being excised from our memories with films and even cartoons being censored in the name of public health by the SJWs. Despite the fact that diesel fumes are significantly worse and it can be proven too.

I’m looking at sticking to diesel atm and when it becomes scarce I’m going to turn to alcohol. Make sure your engine will run on home made alcohol. It’ll be illegal to make by the time we need it but it won’t have to be drinking grade as we will be using it for fuel.

Giving money away to those that need it more than you

Just been having a discussion about banks and I decided to have a look around at what could happen if Greece goes the No route today.

There seems to be two key things that will happen.

1) Greece will be screwed for some time to come and life there will be unpleasant.
People will adapt and like everywhere else some will weather the economic storm better than others. Those that have stuck to the good old ways will be better that those that owe a lot of money.

2) Everyone with money in the bank will lose some of that money.
An interesting comment at a SciFi writers site, VoxDay;

Remember, a deposit is just an unsecured loan to a bank. So, a bail-in is simply the bank unilaterally telling you that it is not going to pay back a percentage of the loan and will no longer be paying interest on the portion that it will not be paying back.

Why anyone would want to loan to such a borrower without collateral for the paltry amount of interest available, knowing that the borrower can decide at any time how much they want to pay you back (if they want to pay you back at all), is an interesting question to contemplate.

Says it all really and makes me want to contact my employer and get paid in cash. I might try that and see how it goes. In the meantime I get paid just before my bills are due, I set it up that way. I will start to empty my account after the bills are paid and pay everything else by credit card or cash.

In the meantime keep plenty of cash outside your bank and only use it where you need to.

The only downside of this is that our thieving government could devalue the cash in circulation but it won’t happen overnight so you can convert it to something worthwhile. Precious Metals, Prepping stuff, drugs, guns.