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How we need to prepare


Bee Update

Been up to the Bees today again to add some brood boxes, boxes where they create more workers, and feed those that are expanding. You don’t need to feed them at this time of year but when you do they grow faster and the hives are stronger ready for when you want to split them and make new hives. If I wasn’t going to split them I wouldn’t bother.

So, I have five hives, three are really strong and could be split, one is OK but isn’t strong enough for splitting but the last one doesn’t seem to be doing so well. There is a queen but no sign of eggs or larvae. I’m going to keep an eye on it this week and if no sign of anything next week she will be getting deposed. In this instance that means more than just losing her job.

The time I’m spending on the hives at the moment means I’m not doing as much on the land as I’d like and I’ve worked out I’m spending about 20 minutes per hive plus prep time per week. Using this data I’ve worked out that I’m can increase my hives to about eight which works out less a days worth of work per week on the hives, during this busy period of course. Much less in the quieter times. Any more and I think I will find I don’t have time for anything else and I have a lot of work to do. Eight will provide all the honey I need, capability for resilience if anything happens and the option to grow if I decide I want to.

As well as being time consuming it can work out to be a lot of heavy lifting. The bees themselves may be individually light but a complete hive including its contents can weight nearly 100lb. Luckily it comes modular.

It can also work out expensive if you are not careful but once you have all the hardware it doesn’t cost much per annum. Initial outlay can easily reach £400 each hive with bees plus one off equipment at about £100. Yearly outlay can be around £25 after that for consumables. I spend a lot more on several items in the house than I do on the bees once the initial investment is over.

The EU referendum

We won. It’s been a hard slog but worth it. Thanks to all that supported Brexit.

It’s now over to our useless politicians to sort out the exit strategy. First of all though we need to get rid of Cameron and Osbourne. We want to move on lead by people who believe in the UK as a stand alone country and not those who will screw up negotiations just to say ‘I told you so’ although not Boris please as he and Cameron are peas from the same plant.

We were really fighting on three fronts. Those that wanted to remain because the seen benefits in the EU, those that wanted to leave because they didn’t and those that were frightened so much by Project Fear that they were too scared of the unknown. The leave crowd overcame both of those and that shows the feelings in the country.

Project Fear came so close and even now there are many really emotional about it. I’ve had crying and denial. It is almost as if a loved one has died. Project Fear has ensured it is going to take some time before a large portion of this country are comfortble with the situation and I’m expecting appeal and a call for a new referendum as this one was so close. These people only understand Democracy when they get their way.

If there is a new referendum, as the EU loves to repeat until it gets the vote it wants, then that will prove to the whole of the EU that voting is irrelevant, you can’t get out that way and I think that it is a very dangerous statement to make at this time as there are not that many alternative options.

Emergency Preparedness Radio Station

Over on the Survival UK Forum Lightspeed is making an interesting proposal for anyone interested in trying out a complete easy to use radio station. Here is the article he posted. If you are interested get over there to register your interest.

FREE: Emergency Preparedness radio station
For a while I’ve been harping on about the value of being able to communicate by radio across the UK. Indeed I honestly feel that this is the holy grail of post SHTF radio communications.

Other than the confirmed radio men who are on the SUK forum there has been not very much interest from others.

So, to try and stimulate interest, I’ve decided to put my money where my mouth is.

I’m building a complete ready-to-use radio station that I’ll send completely free of charge to any Forum member who would like to evaluate it, to see what such equipment looks like in the flesh, and to try using it.

The idea is that this station will be passed to an member interested on a free of charge loan basis, and that it be passed on from one member to the next.

All I ask is for an evaluation to be posted on this thread, and for the station to be returned either to me, or sent onto the next member wishing to try it out. (the whole thing will be a small package about the size of a large paper back book)

Please complete the poll and PM me if you would like me to send a test station to you.
72 de



STATUS: Bugged-In at the Bug-Out

Progress on the Chickens

Made some progress on the chickens this week and went to have a look at some of the options available at a few farms. The Rhode Island Reds were pretty much a given as they seem to come recommended by everyone and crossed with Marans give the famous Warrens. Not that I have any Marans but the option is there for the third cage. So I bought five Rhode Island Reds, Four hens and one cock. They are still young yet so am keeping them in the back garden close to home for a few more weeks.

I spoke to someone on the Brahmas and they recommended them for meat as well but confirmed what some of you had said about their feet and that they recommended Buff Orpington’s. Side by side there was little differences between the two and both were very similar but I did like the look of the Buff Orpington. The cock that was there was one year old and a very impressive beast he was too. Still a chicken though as he run like a girl to escape getting captured.

So I bought four Buff Orpington’s. Three Hens and one cock. These are a bit older than the Rhode Island Reds and were able to go straight into the cage.

Buff Orpington Cock Buff Orpington Hens

Both sets are currently doing well and no sign of any animal attacks at either. Foxes at the land and local cats at home.

Next up is moving the IBCs and the roof panels up to the land and freeing space on my path.

Still looking for a reasonably priced JCB. May have to raise my expectations on what I need to spend though.