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How we need to prepare


Popular UK Rifle Calibres

I’ve been looking around to see what the most popular calibres in the UK are so I can prepare by having reloading capabilities for these calibres.

I went about it in a very unscientific way. From a suggestion I looked at what was for sale secondhand on GunTrader and from shops local to me. Basically any score above 60 was included as there were dozens of calibres at less than 60 units, 60 being >1%. There were a total of 6286 for sale which gives me an idea of what is being traded and gives me an idea on what is out there.

From collating sources and totalling calibres for sale it appears that the most popular calibres are;

Calibre Number Percentage
.22LR 1396 22
.243 1282 20
.17HMR 860 14
.308 740 12
.223 620 6
.22 250 366 6
.270 216 3
.222 158 3
.30 06 124 2
.25 06 64 1

I must confess I am surprised by where the .243 is on there but the rest of it makes sense. The .22LR and the .17HMR are two major calibres which most have on a FAC but I was surprised with the .243 being so high up. I would guess though that the top 5 are the most popular calibres, at nearly 75%, so I’m going with those. I now need to put a variation in for a .308. Wonder how the Stasi are going to take that.

Pity I can’t reload .22LR or .17HMR which is the most popular. Rimfire is an issue but is cheap enough to buy atm when it is available.

Updating Risks

In the run up to the election I’ve been revising my risks, thinking about the state of where we are now, what is likely to happen and what I should be looking at for my prepping.

In my view the situation is getting worse but the risks are still pretty much in the same order. I see societal disorder our primary concern followed by a police state, societal collapse and a limited war. All very real and tangible risks that we should be looking at.

Societal disorder and the Police State is pretty much with us now. Criminals getting away with robbery, murder and the people are persecuted by the Stasi at every opportunity to make money. It’s worse than the Mafia as at least the Mafia will break someone’s legs for stealing from someone paying their tithe. We are already handling this and although it will get worse over the next few years keeping your head down is still the best way to handle this. Let others cause the revolution. Politics in my view won’t change it now. Too many thick whingey Whiney Liberals (in the hijacked sense).

Societal collapse is a bit further away. It is likely to be triggered by our socialist state simply running out of money. The usual end for all socialist states. This will trigger the revolution if it has not occurred already and violence will occur. For a period we will become lawless in most areas until we settle down and many of us kill each other or starve. This is one of the key areas we prepare for and it’s very nature requires that we put aside plenty of food and water with being the Grey Man a key survival strategy. Surviving while those around you starve or adapt then moving on with your lives.

I can see a limited war being utilised by the Stasi as a way to bring our numbers down, reduce the debt and bring us under control. What I am not so sure about is that with the bunch of whingey whiney liberals we have in this country how many would actually want to stand up and die for our country. Most of them hate what it stands for and believe we should be punished for the imperialistic view of our ancestors. This is where a Holy War could be handy. A new crusades and if that is what they are aiming for then they are doing a good job. How do you prepare for a Crusade? Well, don’t worry another one where you can keep your head down as long as you don’t live in certain cities and let the others fight it out.

With our tribal type voting system and the key players being pretty much aligned on everything I don’t see it making one bit of difference who gets in. So things will pretty much continue as they are unless there is a landslide for UKIP and the applecart is upset. Anything else is pretty much the status quo.

So, no real changes in risk then really expected. Just keep on stocking up with what you need and keep an eye on the situation. Unless UKIP gets in in which case we could see a lot of toys being thrown out of prams.

Spring Cleaning

I’m currently going through my preps boxing up what I don’t need till an event and putting it away for safe storage in a sort of Spring Clean. I’m a bit behind the curve with this as I planned to do it over winter but I just didn’t have the time.

My house needs the spring clean as I’ve been simply moving prepping items in among the everyday items until I find I can’t get to the light bulbs because I have a few reams of paper blocking the way. Time for a sort out and because the weather is OK I can move stuff around and do this in the spare time when I don’t have enough time to do the big things I want to do such as sort out the hives.

So boring stuff at the moment while I pack stuff away documenting it on the way. Keep me busy for a while instead of browsing blogs.

In the Garden again

Just spent some time in the garden catching up with some chores. Planted the usual stuff, cleaned out the chickens and reset the traps.

The traps were necessary as a fox came in a few nights ago and terminated my two best layers plus mummy chicken. Didn’t even take them off to eat them even though she had cubs with her. So I’m now looking for some new chickens and looking to reduce the fox count in our area by three even though I don’t like killing foxes. So, like everyone else, I’m OK with something until it has an impact on me and mine. Better get it done though before our political leaders ban hunting totally in an alliance with the Watermelons.

I’ve been checking a few things as well and found one of the panes on my greenhouse is missing. I’m amazed that with the winds we have had recently the greenhouse is still standing. Need to fix that sharpish.

I’ve also got some loose piping on the water butt front and need to fix that. Of course any real prepper would have had it done so that entering summer we would have full butts. I have six butts with one not getting any more water and one totally empty so it could have been worse. It’ll rain soon and it only takes a couple of days rain to fill one of the butts. If we had more sense with our reservoirs we wouldn’t have to bother with meters and hosepipe bans.

Enough for today. I’m going to try and check the bees tomorrow. Hope the weather is OK.