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How we need to prepare


Looking for something flexible for security

Scythe13 sent me a link to an Instructable to set up an off grid camera beacon. This looks very good for monitoring remote locations providing that you are within radio range or can set up a relay point to forward the images. This includes a camera and tranmittor as well as power for the units.

All handy for monitoring our caches, bug out locations and even critical areas around our homes.

I’ve been looking for a while now for a more local solution that needs no mains or standard battery power that provides video monitoring of the area around my house and supplies that to a tablet or smartphone that has the capability of recording the data.

I found a nice little camera and tablet unit on eBay that gives me a view of what is going on, the quality is adequate but not exceptional and it uses WiFi to communicate. The only issue is that it needs mains to power the cameras so I can’t set it up exactly where I want it and setting up a 240V solar panel system to bring it back down to 5V seems a bit of an overkill.

I’m going to try setting up a 5V solar panel and feeding it directly into the camera replacing the transformer. That should resolve my issue.

As an aside with the Stasi having this rule about charging us for watching any live TV broadcast and the exact phrase is ‘You need to be covered by a valid TV Licence if you watch or record TV as it’s being broadcast. This includes the use of devices such as a computer, laptop, mobile phone or DVD/video recorder.’ Bear in mind that TV means Tele = remote and vision I would guess that legally we have set up our own transmitter with the SSTV set up in the instructable and that would make us liable for a TV license at the minimum and I was wondering if in this mickey mouse country we don’t have some licensing issues with transmitting SSTV anyway. For my use I know that WiFi won’t create an issue with transmitting video, although I’m not clear on the TV licensing issue for receiving the images simply because they are being broadcast live and the BBC want’s what they perceive as their cut. Worth remembering if you don’t have a TV license.

SUK Meets Update

Just to let everyone know we are cancelling the SUK NW meet and will rearrange for a later date. Some personal issues that are not mine to get into. I’ve contacted everyone that let me know and told them. I’ll sort out another date when things have settled down.

In a related way I have had a request from Spandex228 for a shout out for any preppers in the NNW area, the Morecambe and Lancaster way.

If anyone is interested then either contact Spandex228 or post a comment here that Spandex228 can pick up.

Weather drives the work

I haven’t been doing much the last few weeks. Planted a few plants, built up the bee hives and bought some knives. The rest of the time the weather has gotten in the way. Either it is sunny and I’m out taking advantage of it with the bees and/or taking the kids to the park or it is raining and I’m taking advantage of that with sorting out stuff inside the house. Either way I’m not getting enough time to do anything really.

I’m still moving things around inside though and have freed up a bit of space. Just means I can move more in and I’m sure people think I’m one of these mad men that has a collection of local free papers that go back to when I moved in.

Been thinking a bit about this site though. That six month period when it was dead didn’t do it any good at all but from what I have been seeing around at other sites it seems that people are starting to settle at this new level. Less people see it as an issue and the only people that are shouting and screaming are those that rely on the state. I think that call for sites like this is reducing which is interesting. Personally, I think it is a false dawn but I would wouldn’t I.

Arranging my holidays this year as well. Going camping again and this time with the van we can take a lot more kit than we have before. So just need to make a good solid gun safe in the front and I can bring anything I need.

Hope the weather perks up at the end of the week. I need to get into the hives as the queenless hive will be going critical if there is not a queen in it by then. That would be a blow to my plans for the bees.

Bees seem to be popular this year. I know a few people around me with them, I recognise the tell tale signs of bee kit and bee poop around their locals and the local bee supplies shop has run out of items such as foundation, frames and supers. All items that you need more of during this growth period. Either a lot of people underestimated their requirements or a lot of new people are starting up.

Valid threats that everyone avoids.

One thing I’ve learnt over the years is that the government is not your friend. It has it’s own agenda and will ruthlessly pursue it, even killing those that get in it’s way.

Part of this policy has lead to the crashes of recent years and the general lowering of educational standards over several decades in an attempt to force everyone into a standard citizen. It is a massive project encompassing decades, trillions of pounds, billions of people and trillions of man hours.

It is starting to come apart as more and more people are waking up and I believe that as we rebel against what is being forced upon us there will be violence. How severe that violence is depends on how the government reacts to peoples reactions to it’s policies. Personally, I think it will be bloody as I can’t see them giving up power easily but hopefully not. I see this as our number one threat.

In second place alongside societal collapse I see a longer term issue, one that is being masked by the government in it’s agenda to pussify the west, is Islam. Islam is a strange philosophy that is a way of life rather than a religion put in place by powerful men to control women and force their domination of others. It is a complete society in one package and as such cannot brook competition with anything else.

The media’s role is to point these things out but they are too busy in bed with the government and following the PC rulebook to expose those watching TV to anything outside the official line. So it is left to other people to raise awareness and spread the facts around and if the right people see them and accept the facts hidden from us the risks we face will drop significantly because we will deal with it while we still can.

I know a few muslims and in my talks with them they all say the same thing. They are moderates, there are a few nutters out there spoiling it for every other muslim but then they say ‘The time isn’t right yet’. The unspoken statement is that we still have time to rise up and rebel pushing these people back to their own lands and defending our way of life so these nutters are spoiling the plan by showing us what to expect before they have a defensible foothold in our country. When the time is right we will soon find out where these moderates stand and you can be sure it isn’t on our side.

Watch and learn what is going on at this moment hidden by quislings in the government and media intent on destroying our way of life. Just because the powers that be say we are not at war doesn’t make us at peace.

What do you think? Pass it on.