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How we need to prepare


Breaking the mould.

The whole world is going to pot. There was nothing that we could do about it as individuals, I know I’ve tried and a very frustrating few years that was. Our future, and all of our children’s futures, was in the hands of self serving madmen who can only see what is directly put in front of them. They do not have the capability of rational thought and are supported by a small but very effective army of SJW’s. The minions of the PC world. Those at the top and the SJWs have no concept of common sense. No remembrance of history and are so dense that they can hold two conflicting thoughts in their minds at the same time and fully believe both. It is a car crash waiting to happen and we must accept that.

When I first recognised this situation I started to get involved in politics and was quite confident about it. After all I had facts and figures, lessons from history and was experienced in laying out facts to explain a situation and/or theory. Was I disappointed, the SJWs simply ignored any facts that did not suit their agenda and just lied about others. You would spend days on an online discussion with one who instead of admitting defeat simply went back to reargue another part or simply stormed off saying that you were twisting or making up facts when there was nothing else they could say. Where it went wrong was 10 minutes later along would come another with pretty much the same argument but with subtle differences and it would start again. One SJW could tie you up for days with a few questions. In the end I simply gave up. They literally are too dumb to educate. I’m past talking now and waiting patiently for the violence.

The sad part is these people actually believe that what they are doing is good. They have good intentions and if everyone else did too then their utopia would work. Well, it would but it would be a soulless utopia. However, we will never get there because human nature is just not geared up that way. The nature that drove us through the last few thousand years of this planets history made us fighters, desperate for more than just living but striving and wanting to be on top. This nature took us from scrambling about in the mud fighting animals for food to people that walked on the moon. Then some people decided that they were living well, everything was going good and that some of these rich bastards should give away some of their hard earned cash to others who were unfortunate. Who could argue with that and the social security culture was born. As soon as people realise that people will pay them foir doing nothing then they will have their hands out. This generated a new career structure. Layabouts who knew how to squeeze everything out of the system and based on a skill that almost anyone could do. Having babies. More recently we have even expanded it to those that can’t have babies in the name of equal rights. The knock on for this is that those who had brains and wanted to wait were paying for those that didn’t want to and so they had to wait longer. Knock on from that is the lowest IQs were the ones having the babies. This is dragging the planetary IQ down. We as a species were artificially changing Darwin’s theory about evolution but one of the big problems with things like that is they can’t last. You cannot beat evolution. Now this culture is being expanded across the globe there are just too many people with their hands out. Contributing fuck all but happy to live off the toil of others.

Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.
C.S. Lewis (1898 – 1963)

You have to remember that these SJW are not malicious, they are caring people. Just deluded and too thick to see they are being used by the elite as a way to force their views through. Minions, like minions through the ages, that are disposable so it matters naught when they get killed as a result of their masters biddings as long as the masters are safe.

The others pouring in also cannot be blamed. They live hand to mouth working dawn to dusk for a fraction of what we do and someone comes along as says go over there, they will give you 100 times what you earn here for doing nothing. What would you do? Personally, I’d be ready to go.

I liked it when we had ambitious plans to bring them up to our level. That was a good plan, the SJWs went out and were terminated abroad for their stupidity with no risk to us while we send out guarded teams who installed infrastructure like water and power plants, irrigation and sanitation facilities and educated them to improve their lot. Sadly as our government gets involved in this and everything they touch they fuck up most of the money is not used productively and so we need to throw more and more at in in an ever decreasing cost to benefit ratio. The more we send over the less it buys. Sending money is never going to fix the situation. Education and Power are the key components and we are doing very little on either.

Meanwhile back at home we have decided that bringing them over here is much better but we underestimated how many of them wanted to come and now we are inundated with them. On the plus side that has made many people who previously were indifferent to suddenly take an interest but tied by the law which stops us stringing up politains we are left simply whinging and whining about it. These people are now starting to stand up and be counted and the SJWs no longer just have a few people to attack, there are thousands now. Even better we are using their tactics against them which I have advocated for a long time but was told we cannot stoop to their level. I compare this to English Gentlemen setting up for a shoot out at dawn. Facing away from each other they start to take 5 paces and after the first step the SJW turns and starts shooting our English Gentleman’s friends shout ‘Carry on Nigel, don’t stoop to their level.’ and next minute our hero lies dead on the floor. ‘At least he stuck to his principles.’ says our side while another one of us is rubbed out. No wonder we have been losing up to now. We really are stupid in our own way by thinking that they fight fair. Fight Fire with Fire is what is said (Makes no sense to me our fireman don’t have flamethrowers). It is now good to see our side is fighting back.

Might be too little, too late for many but it is a start and in my view it is enough to make sure we as a society eradicate the curse of socialism and it’s equality for all. So looking good for the future.

However, this still leaves now and us personally. The mould is starting to get chipped away so how do we shape the future around us to be more like the way it was 30 plus years ago and leave us happily living in the present.

More coming in Adjusting Your Own Future.

The Shape of Things to Come

This is just my view of the future. I’ve thought it for a while and have mentioned it on many forums and in person. Everyone agrees with the core principles but just says It won’t happen anytime soon nor will it be averted.

I don’t believe that. I believe that technology can avert most of our issues over the next few centuries and provide a stepping stone for the future of our species but it just isn’t happening.

Lets start with the basics.

  • Over the last 20 years the whole word has been following a socialist agenda involving installing a PC society.
  • This included the usual money distribution from the workers to the slackers.
  • Our Politicians have become professional liars and crooks.
  • Our corporates have adapted so that there are no new R&D and simply concentrating at squeezing more money for upgrades.
  • Our standard of living has decreased due to rising costs and stagnant wages.
  • Unskilled jobs are no longer abundant but scarce whilst educational standards fall.
  • The national minimum wage makes some tasks impossible.
  • Freedoms are being eroded under several different calls; Terrorism, Global Warming, tax evasion.
  • We have fuel poverty, wage poverty and several different poverties (But no tax poverty funny enough)
  • We live in an age where most people think that someone investing their time and money to start a business risking all and employing people while making a paltry 4% is obscene while the government taxes us at 75% for doing fuck all.
  • We live in an age where people can get hounded out of their jobs by SJWs for simply doing something that a bunch of limp wristed panty wringers don’t like.
  • We live in an age where people are so stupid that they will do themselves out of something as long as they believe that someone else is getting penalised more.
  • We live in an age where the average person is so dumb that they cannot actually consider facts and extrapolate them out to form their own opinions. Everything they believe is given to them by the media and, importantly, they believe it.

I believe that there are a few simple things we could do to get out of this mess but people will simply not bite the bullet and make the sacrifices necessary. They would rather that they went like lambs to the slaughter all the time believing that the farmer means them no harm.

So, fact number 1. People will not do anything that is not forced upon them by a third party, namely the government.

We, as a society, will not change our ways in the slightest to avoid a bigger catastrophe down the line. A bit like when you get a cut. I’m too macho to treat it. It becomes a weeping sore but It’ll be OK and before you know it you are in hospital with blood poisoning. Forced there by necessity.

Fact No 2. Life is different now. We don’t know the basics about helping ourselves and how to look after ourselves. Every little thing is treated by a doctor or left until it works itself out or you are forced to go to hospital. We can’t do simple sums to balance our finances and we will spend a fortune on Sky TV whilst not paying the mortgage or rent. Common Sense isn’t that common.

Fact No 3. Gone are the days when all you had to do to make money is be prepared to put in a days graft. These jobs are all automated as the minimum wage makes it cheaper to invest in machines rather than people and if you are unskilled you can’t get a job unless it is working in the NHS or the council.

Fact No 4. Everything is governed by rules and regulations. Some of which are so harsh that you get a massive fine for overfilling your rubbish bin while criminals literally get away with a slap on the wrist for GBH. Couple this with all the rules and regulations around setting up your own business and you need a good sum of money just to set up a lemonade stand.

So with most of the population being on the breadline as there is less work, and thus less feeding into the social security pot who is going to buy all the goods the skilled workers are making. All their spare cash is being taken from them in taxes. It would be OK if they had spare cash to spend but they are effectively out working to keep their family plus another, whom they don’t know. People simply cut back to the necessities and so businesses go to the wall. Very few businesses actually sell necessities.

Fact No 5. The current situation is unsustainable. It cannot go on.

Interestingly enough the debt issue is a self inflicted one. From what I can see, not being an economist or a banker, is that we set up a bank to help countries that needed a bit of financing. We are called upon to fund that bank and at the same time we can call on the funding. So we have to put funds in there for people whilst at the same time we have to borrow from that same bank to lend to this third party. Thus Greece owes us £xBn, and Germany £yBn and we owe Germany £zBn. If someone defaults, Hello Iceland, then fuck all happens and the world simply carried on. While in the EU we continue to play the game. It’s beyond parody.

Fact No 6. The whole set up is artificial. It is there for control only.

Currently we have stagnated. I’ve said this elsewhere and so far nobody has been able to prove me wrong so they start arguing semantics. We as a species have not made any advances in the last 20 years. Everything we have done is based on R&D done over 20 years ago and are simply improvements to what we have already. OK. There are some good ones but where is my toilet that analyses my waste and tells me to go to the doctors? Where is my home fusion reactor that powers, very cheaply, everything I do. Where is our automated mining gear that we send to asteroids and bring back all the elements we need to progress.

Fact No 7. With no progress we are stuck on this rock with limited resources and expansion capabilities.

We do still have a lot of changes we could make. We could start going underground and leaving the surface for growing food but we are not yet running out of arable land. We have the capability, if not the will, to convert deserts to oasis’s, just look at what the Israelis have done with Israel. We still have plenty of space for what we need to do but eventually that will start to run out. Probably our first real issue won’t be Oil which we can work around that with alternative power and substitutes. The market price making us develop alternatives, which we should really be doing now. Our first real issue will be Water. We have a limited supply of water and as well as us needing it we need it for everything else we do and there are no replacement, on this planet anyway.

Technology will save us, but we have to be developing what we need now while we have time to do so. If we leave it too late then technology won’t be there and we won’t be able to develop it.

Our population, both here and on the planet as a whole, is increasing. Food supply can still keep up but our competition will be for water and food. Both abundant at the moment but not infinite. More mouths to feed, usually at tax payers expense means that food priorities will be looked at. Cheaper foods and rationing will be put upon us. Already all we do to our bodies is dictated by a bunch of puritans in control. Too much salt, too much sugar, fizzy drinks. Soon it will be too much meat and you should be eating more lettuce and potatoes. The government already legislates that you can’t take drugs or have sex with someone willing to have sex with you harming no one else, how big a step is it to legislate no more steak to save the planet.

Then if you complaint. You are a terrorist, another overused word that is now a byword for control. Look at what we are restricted from doing to stop terrorism. Strip searched by goons at airports. Arrested for refusing to obey orders from the Stasi. If later on it was deemed those orders were illegal well tough luck. Your DNA is still stored and the goon gets no reprimand, all that happens is the force itself gets fined and as it is taxpayer funded that means we pay this to the government. What a scam. I can’t get chemicals as someone may build a bomb. The list goes on. One of my favourites is that if you deal in cash they have limits at the banks and if you exceed them the Stasi is informed. Well they also monitor values that don’t exceed it and investigate you for those and they always ask what the cash is from. I wonder if anyone has ever said drug sales. I asked my daughter to convert 3 £10 notes into 6 £5 notes and they wouldn’t do it. Insisting she put the £30 into her account and then withdrawing from there. All to stop us using cash and keep us on easily tracked electronic transfers.

Fact No 8. Our government is educating everyone to be compliant. Or face a bunch of armed goons at 0400.

At the current time the wheels are turning and we are moving on. Improvements are being made to everything which allows us to continue to grow and live pretty much as we have but with those improvements we introduce risk. The population in the UK is now beyond what we can grow here. If anything was to happen to the infrastructure then within a few days everything that is available to be purchased will be sold with nothing coming in. Our government may do what they are doing in Venezuela but we just won’t have the capability to create enough within our borders. If the issue is just us then as a basket case we will get help, with T&C’s of course, but if it is global, which it probably will be we will be on our own and have to come to a balance internally. As the food won’t be increasing this means the population must drop. How being the key question.

It can’t go on forever. The music will stop sometime, sooner rather than later despite everything they are doing to keep it going.

Fact No 9. Our lying corrupt politicians know this and are unwilling to do anything about it.

They have their reasons. For some it is that they simply deny that it is the case. Life can continue as it has for the last few decades. Others just want to grab as much as they can so when the music stops they will be better placed. Some just don’t have the intellect to understand what is going on but lucky for them we are even worse.

Fact No 10. Facing up to risks means you can mitigate around them.

If we examine the risks and set things in motion to avoid or minimise the impact we improve our chances in the future.

Keep your head down and don’t rock the boat. Pay for what you can with cash.

Look after you and yours as No 1 priority.

Fact No 11. Life isn’t fair.

There are no guarantees though. Shit happens. Life isn’t fair. Enjoy it as much as you can while you prep. It may be all you get.

Reducing risks with storage

One area that we all have issues with is storage. I simply do not have enough space to store all my preps in the house or the grounds of the house. It is probably just as well as I would be likely to do that and store everything there. All my eggs in one basket. Isn’t a very good way of doing things but sometimes you are driven into a position and you can do little else.

I’m lucky in some ways because I have managed to spread my preps around and thus it is unlikely I will lose them all in one go.

This creates other problems though and that is that I can’t afford to make all these locations identical. I just can’t make every storage area the same. I’m lucky though as I have managed to store similar amounts of water, food, clothing and medical items plus core items like water filters and standard tools. Some items however I have one of, I have one dinghy, one diesel generator, one oscilloscope, one lathe, etc. I just have to take the risk that they will be safe in my primary location.

To help in the event that I have to move I have also split my stores across several bags, boxes and locations at each site. This means that although all my water at each site is actually stored across separate boxes which means if I have to run for it and I don’t have time to pack simply grabbing any box will ensure that I have at the minimum 2L water, food and some first aid items plus whatever else is in that box. Obviously given time I would have sorted out exactly what I want but this is really a last ditch desperate grab when I exit quickly.

This means that I have quite a lot of smaller, cheaper items. Every box has things like water, snack bars, biscuits, a couple of dozen sachets of sugar, salt, pepper usually from McDonalds or somewhere similar plus tea bags and coffee, matches, soaps, change of underwear, emergency blankets, bandages, screwdrivers and bits sets. Most boxes have compasses, tools, first aid kits, sewing kits, a complete change of clothes, water filters and some food items like pasta, rice, biscuits and dried fruit.

Each box will also have something else in it like an axe, maps, a handsaw, spectacles of varying strengths, binoculars, games, boots, larger more obscure medical kits and/or books. No two boxes are exactly the same. One box has all the OS Landranger maps for my area and all the surrounding area, another has all the OS Explorer maps, again from my area and all the surrounding areas. I have laminated OS Landranger maps of my area, one in each rucksack plus some in other boxes. Each map comes with a map reading compass.

I have a list for each uniquely labelled box with every item I have in there. Every item is recorded, if it has 12 pencils in there then they go on the list, kids chalks, on the list. I’m anal like that and what it does mean is I can quickly look for what I want and find it.

Boxes that contain unique items, like my lab gear, are in easily identifiable boxes, no point in grabbing them as they only contain lab gear and no point in separating them out as they are pretty useless individually. So all or nothing there.

I do have some areas for concern. Some items need batteries, batteries won’t last forever and experience has shown that rechargeable batteries become permanently flat batteries pretty quick if not kept topped up and so I identify what items need batteries in each box and attach that to the outside. Thus I can hopefully grab a box of batteries as I exit to power items in the box. I also help myself by standardizing on AA batteries where possible. Of course it isn’t always possible and I have a variety of battery types I need although no key items need batteries. I have torches but I also have tea lights and hurricane lanterns.

Sounds good. Everything under control by an anal control freak. Pretty much except for one thing. A long time ago I packed several items, books, knives, lab equipment, electrical equipment away in a hurry. never documented a thing and although I know exactly where everything is. I have no idea how to lay my hands on it, whatever it is is in one of the many boxes in the loft. Put there fifteen years ago when I boxed everything while sorted out the house and I’ve never sorted the boxes because it is such a big job.

I’m starting to do that now. I need to document the books and pull information from them. Some are irreplaceable, my organic synthesis books were built up over a long time and you can’t find them now unless a decent library is closing down. Others are banned. Ooops. There I am moving up the list again.

One area that made me want to catalogue the old stuff properly is that I have been prepping since I was a kid. I was a boy scout, (They wouldn’t let me join the guides, sexual discrimination I say), and I collected many items on my travels both here and abroad. I need to catalogue them so I can sort out the illegal ones that have been forgotten about.

All in all though it is time consuming as well as boring and we all have something better to do but if, when, the time comes I will know with certainty that if I grab something and flee I won’t end up hiding out with a box full of soap and shampoos with no water, no food and nothing to keep me warm in a hostile environment.

Using Greece as an example

With the issues in Greece showing what value democracy is in this century we have an opportunity to look at a country in chaos that is not caused by War. All other examples in our lifetime have been caused by War in one shape or form and are thus not viable for us in our preps for a banking collapse leading to societal collapse.

I’d like to state up front that this is my opinion only and not the output from some think tank other than Skean Dhude’s It’s Bleeding Obvious Think Tank.

I thought there were a few surprises that came out of the Greek Tragedy (I couldn’t resist that) although nothing totally unexpected, I was just surprised how open they were about their treatment of Democracy.

First of all.

  • The politicians lied all the way through.
  • The protection of their precious domain was their number 1 priority.
  • They didn’t care in the slightest about the ordinary people.
  • They kept the banks closed to hold the people to ransom.

All that is political and we can expect the same when it comes to our turn. What I was interested in was;

  • Three weeks without cash for most people and they carried on pretty much as normal.
  • No mass die offs with starvation.
  • No mass rioting over food.
  • No sign of plod fighting off people trying to do, well anything.
  • They voted in their own self interests. No surprise there.
  • They didn’t like it when the EU pushed back and screwed them.

The main bits I took away was the way that except for the political shenanigans and the cash being withheld there wasn’t that much that happened to them on a societal collapse basis. I’ve thought long and hard about this and have come to the following conclusions, which may not be correct.

When it comes to our turn.

  • There will be nobody to bail us out. The UK and Germany are the net contributors to this failed experiment.
  • Our demographics are different. Just look at who was rioting at all the riots over the last decade.
  • Our infrastructure is different. We have so many shops catering to just in time buyers.
  • Our societal solidarity is much weaker. Family ties are much less than they were.

All this in my view makes us more likely to run riot if, when, the same thing happens here. The only saving grace is that it doesn’t appear that people left their familiar surroundings and we can but hope for the same thing here.

Finally, I think that it will come as a big shock to people here. even now with the data showing that we each owe a lot more then every Greek and watching on the TV how much control they have over it all I hear here is that ‘They took they money. If they can’t pay it back that is their problem’ Despite my statement of how much control do we have and how much do we owe they just see the whole situation as ;’Different’ It just is isn’t it.

Until it is our turn.