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How we need to prepare


Storage Issues

One of the biggest issues I have had with my prepping is acquiring and storing the items I have put aside. There are several reasons for this and I have spent some time and money actually working out and implementing what I think is best for me and mine.

The hardest issue to work around is the financial issue. Actually affording to buy the items you want. There is very little you can do around this bar saving up but sometime you can look at the cost of the individual items that you are looking at. Sometimes good quality is not worth the extra cost and having several tools instead of one can be an advantage. If your very expensive lifetime tool is stolen or lost then a spare cheaper one would be handy. I have several times bought cheaper tools and when money came free bought the one tool I really wanted. For some things you just want to buy the best. You need to examine each item and make that call on finances and item usage.

Next up is items that are subject to legal restriction. Regardless to how stupid these restrictions are and in our mickey mouse country there are a lot of them you need to keep them in the back of your mind. Depending on the punishment then you can make decisions on these items on a one to one basis. Getting a firearm and risking jail for 10 years may be an issue but risking a fine for having illegal attachments to an off road vehicle may be acceptable to some. Your call, I have made my choices.

The next one, for me, is the actual storage of the items. Are they perishable? If so you need to have some way to check and replace as necessary. The items all need to be wrapped and made secure from vermin and protected from damage either by people rooting around or by the elements. I store most of mine in the 55L packing crates that are commonplace for moving within businesses. They are solid, stackable and pretty well vermin proof. Individual items within are stored in shrink wrapping and plastic wrap. Foodstuffs are stored in cooking oil pails. I don’t tend to replace all my foodstuff but will purchase anew retaining the only ones as well. Each item is catalogued in a spreadsheet and when the container is full I print off a copy for the file so I can access the lists off line. I store my books slightly differently as the ones that I use and look at I have on my bookshelves with the remainder are stored in those collapsible boxes. Again, all are catalogued. I’m anal like that.

Which brings me to my next issue. Storage of my storage boxes. It isn’t as simple as just sticking them under the bed as I have a lot of boxes. Some can go in the loft and I have a large amount of water, food, camping kit as well as other items I want at hand up there. I have several bug out bags ready to go but I have elected to bug in and so I need to store what I can close at hand. I’ve plenty of space in the loft but not as much as I need. I really need my own warehouse or large barn. I do have a few critical items stored at alternative sites like the woods but that is the exception for critical items if I have to bug out and everything there is duplicated at home. Storage of the items not under my personal protection has always been an issue with crime being what it is as well and the fact you can’t set traps for these thieving scum bags. Not yet anyway.

So currently I have a full loft, a large front room and a garage full of stuff with some off site duplication. Although by the middle of this year I will have cleared the front room and put it back to use as I’m building a workshop out the back and can move some of my stores, the tools, out there as well as the lathe and other sundry tools.

If I get any more I need to move to a barn. A converted barn should do me fine. Just need to win the lottery.

This means all my preps are close to hand and can be protected, well as well as you can here, and I can access them when I want although the way they are stored means it will involve heavy lugging if I’m looking for a crate packed away first. They are not meant to be used for general use and if I do need something I’d tend to buy one instead unless it is impractical. Preps are preps.

Doris Day

Not the TV star from yesteryear but the Day Of Storm Doris.

Went up to have a look and see the damage. Wasn’t as bad as expected with three big trees being blown over, funnily enough various size silver birches with not very solid roots. Must be a species thing. Two of them have blown over onto paths which makes getting in a bit difficult but besides that the result of Doris has been cosmetic. Lots of wood all over the place, some items have been blown around but nothing major.

Chickens are all unhurt and still laying fine. Cages all undamaged although there are a lot of small branches and twigs caught up in the mesh that needs tidying.

Bees are fine, well from Doris anyway, with the hives in the sheltered areas being untouched. Worryingly the hives in the new area had two that were moved by Doris. One had the roof blown off and the other had chambers that had been moved leaving gaps into the hive. As these hives were empty we had no issues but it is worrying for the future as open hives lead to massive heat loss and dead bees. I may need to set up some windbreaks around the hives for freak winds.

Everything else held together fine with no damage although tidying up the debris will take a while.

At home things are a going pretty well. Sorting is starting to bear fruit and I can now see an end to it.

Storm Doris did have an impact at home though as a power fluctuation blew up my router and brought my broadband down, I’m typing this from my daughters house as it won’t be replaced till next week, although everything else did well. Again, some tidying up is required but not much.

Plans are starting to come to fruition and it is looking good all around so should have more time for the sites. Already working on updating the sites and adding more files. Again, I’d like to call for anyone who has any files that can be shared to send them or contact me and we can discuss how I’ll download them.

Back in the saddle

Well it seems like winter is over despite hearing predictions of really cold spells for the last fortnight. It fills you with confidence that they can predict to a few degrees what it will be like in 2050 when they can’t even get anything more that a few days right.

I’ve been busy over the last few months getting everything sorted out for my parents, with my dad being ill I needed to make some changes which are now coming to fruition. That is one big problem out of the way and should make my life easier.

I’ve also done very little on the land. The bees still need moving and I can’t till I’ve done the new bases which I’m almost ready to do. I have all the bits just need a day to assemble and then fill them in. Then I’ll have to replace the bees that didn’t make it. This has been my worst year for losses and I’m right back at the beginning with just two hives.

The chickens are doing fine though and I’ve still got a couple of empty coops. One of which needs moving up to the land. I’ll move that, set up my duck cage and then purchase some more livestock.

One thing I did make a mistake on which was trivial really is I skimped on the feed bins. I bought some plastic ones and over the winter they have been ripped apart by squirrels and the feed ruined. I bought some galvanised ones and they weren’t even double the price and since then I’ve had no ruined feed.

So hoping to get back into things moving on and contact the people I’ve not spoken to for some time as well as trying to do regular posts. Although to be honest I’m at the stage where I’m all out of any new info, I have passed on everything I can think of so now it is simply repeating some things.

I have lots of new files for the files site and will be updating that starting in March. Send me anything you can for that. I’m always interested especially anything on improvised weapons such as 3D printer schematics and weapons made from household items. Always suggest you download everything to a stand alone drive and keep it offline. I’ve set up my own Linux Build just for that which I will write about soon.

In the meantime good luck with your continued prepping. I think the pressure is less now due to Trump being in power but that doesn’t mean something won’t happen. Blackouts are still predicted in Oz and we don’t have a coherent energy policy.

If there is anything you think we should be exploring then let me know and I’ll write something about it or if you have any articles then send them in. Not interested in discussing what will be the results of Trump or Brexit though. They will play out just fine imo.

Mid January 2017 Update

Been a busy time since Christmas. Mainly sorting inside and moving things around as my dad is really ill. NHS screwed up again and he is much worse than he was before. They really need to be held accountable for their actions but not in this mickey mouse country.

The land is pretty static. I’ve prepared the hives for moving and going to do that the next frosty day. The remainder is just keeping the livestock fed and clearing up after the strong winds.

Besides that it is sorting and moving stuff around. Pretty boring really but busy.