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Look after the little things

This is one of my, many, failings. I continually leave little issues to one side until they blow up to be big ones. They then take a lot more time, effort and funding to resolve. Don’t put things off. Look after the little things and save yourself work.

This was brought home to me one time when I had one bolt fail on my garage roof, just one, instead of fixing it straight away I left it while I did something else. Several nights later the winds got so strong that it tore that section of roof off. I was out there at midnight with the, very expensive, waterproof membrane I bought for a fish pond sealing the hole in the roof while the wind was trying to blow me off the roof and the rain was pouring down. I eventually managed to seal the roof but the inside of the garage was soaked, my lathe, tools and several stacks of tins required drying and cleaning. It took me days to sort out and some items required disposal. In a final stab at me I could not just buy a replacement roof element I needed to have a special one purchased because mine was wide and they don’t make them like that any longer. If only I had tightened that bolt.

It is a habit that I must get out of. If something needs fixing then it is much easier to fix it while it is small and easy to do rather than wait until is becomes a major task. As the saying goes ‘A stitch in time saves nine’.

It is also a good regime to adopt when it comes to self sufficiency and survival. A small leak in the roof which goes unfixed is eventually going to require major work and in the process may lead to you losing to water damage some if not all of your store of food or equipment. Imagine if you lost your food supply due to a leaky roof when you were in a survival situation.

Learn to create To Do Lists and prioritise the tasks in them. Re-evaluate every few weeks and re-prioritise if necessary.

In a survival situation it could be the difference between life and death.

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