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Couple of nuggets of information that have been fed to me in comments or emails that I think would be handy for us all to know.

Luddite emphasises that F1 seeds are not GM seeds. GM seeds are only available to farmers while F1 are two heirloom seeds cross pollinated. They will seed and you can harvest that seed. So seed buying is easier than I thought. I always associated F1 seeds with GM for some reason. This means F1 are useful for our needs as well but you need to consider the differences. F1 may grow but not grow true. Some will, some won’t. Read this article on the difference between hybrid, F1/F2, and heirloom. Then make your choice of types.

Peace pointed out a bulk supplier of food such as grains, seed, flour, honey etc. Mintons Good Food. I don’t know what they are like but I will certainly be trying them myself.

BePrepared points out an eBay supplier, Emergency Food Storage Supplies, of Mylar bags and O2 obsorbers for those that are looking for them.

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