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What is your learning style?

People learn differently. Some like to read, others watch and some just like to do. Identifying your learning style is easy and will ensure you make the most of your learning opportunities.

You have limited time to learn new skills and you need to make the most of that time to ensure that the skills are remembered and can be called upon when needed. Skills usually take practise to reinforce and this means at the minimum some practical work should be part of the course or the course is quickly followed by some practical experience.

Working out your learning style is easy enough and armed with this knowledge you can specify your requirement or select the correct course for you.

Identifying your learning style;

When you Visual Auditory Kinesthetic/Tactile
Read Do you prefer descriptive scenes where you can imagine the action? Do you enjoy the dialogue where people talk? Do you prefer action stories or not reading?
Spell Do you try and see the word? Do you sound out the word or use phonetics? Do you write the word down to find out if it feels right?
Talk Do you dislike talking or listening for too long? Do you enjoy listening but prefer to talk? Do you gesture and use expressive movements?
Words Do you use words such as see, picture or imagine? Do you use words such as hear, tune and think? Do you use words such as touch, feel and hold?
Contact Do you prefer face to face meetings? Do you prefer telephone meetings? Do you prefer activity meetings?
Recognition Do you forget names but remember faces? Do you forget faces but names or discussions? Do you forget people but remember what you did?
New ideas Do you like posters, diagrams or models? Do you prefer verbal instructions or discussions? Do you prefer to just get on with it?
Assembly reqd. Do you look at the pictures in instructions? Do you call for help? Do you just dive in without looking at the instructions?
Concentration Are you distracted by untidiness or movement? Are you distracted by sounds and noise? Are you distracted by activity around you?

Just make a note of which one describes you from each row. Total them up and the style with the most selections is your preferred style of learning.

You need to see what you learn. What you cannot see you visualise and what you cannot visualise you do not fully understand.

You need to hear what you learn and it needs to make sense or you do not fully understand.

You need to do it yourself. What you cannot do you try and try again until you pick it up or you decide to avoid it in principle.

Full understanding
All of us have certain things we do not fully understand but accept for general everyday use. You understand at a basic level what it does but not how or you just know it works and are not interested any further. You may believe something without understanding and pass on the general principle but you will be unable to explain it fully, especially when questioned deeply.

I am a visual learner. Although I read a lot I tend to visualise the actions in my mind and if I can’t then I have to ask questions so I can or look it up elsewhere so I can see it in my mind. To reinforce it I have to do it as well or refresh the visuals a few times. Doing a practical exercise is much better.
I think my learning style is why I don’t like pure theory or theology. That is why black holes sucking in everything makes sense to me but black holes as doorways to alternative universes do not. Pure theory is non visual and borders on fantasy for me. Give me facts and figures every time.

What is your learning style? Once you have identified it work with it to enhance your learning experiences. Go on courses, watch DVDs or read books and make sure your training department and teachers are aware of your preferences.

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