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How we need to prepare



I wasn’t going to write about the tragic incident in Norway but I decided I wanted to for one reason only. To simply say that one person can make a difference and that difference could have a big impact on us. Unfortunately as we know it is much, much easier to destroy than to build. Just look at the preparing we are doing, the time and effort involved just to live and how little Anders Behring Breivik did. He planned, prepared and implemented. Imagine the results if he had led the same number of people involved in 911 who were prepared to die. It doesn’t bear thinking about.

If just one person disenfranchised by the system can cause so much damage what will thousands of us do? Our lords and masters, isolated in their ivory towers, make decisions that we do not want as a society every day but we are too distracted by the smoke and mirrors put out by the politicians and the compliant media to do anything to them. Now that someone has struck at the core of the system that he blames for his countries woes, others will learn and follow. In many places he will be considered a patriot.

Decisions effecting millions of people have repercussions. Politicians rely on overwhelming force to control people so they personally do not feel the repercussions but there is simply not enough Plod numbers to control us all. In addition, politicians and Plod, live among us, we go to school with their children and work with their husbands and wives. They cannot protect them all at all time and I think over the next few weeks someone will explain that to them in PowerPoint slides so even they can understand.

What they do when they realise that they, or those close to them, may have to pay for their bad or unwanted decisions could very well lead to the civil unrest that leads to a breakdown in our society. Either that or an improvement in the way they do business. I’m not holding my breath on anything changing for the better though.

Could this event be a turning point in our societies? If so, which way will it turn?

Keep preparing. Societal breakdown is very clearly at the top of the list.

4 comments to Triggers

  • fred

    It is much easier to destroy – takes little talent. Societal breakdown is already well underway in the UK.

  • Skean Dhude


    Agreed. That is why we prepare.

  • Ellen

    I doubt anything could be a turning point in our plight of disenchantment.
    Those on the top of the hill think that they have the right to do anything that they desire.
    I would like for everyone in our country to not go to work for about two days preferably a week and lets see how the little man makes the world turn and not them.
    I have told my son repeatedly that if just the trucking companies stopped running the world would be in great pain.
    But as money runs the little man too, it would be impossible to get such a thing going.
    The ones running the show cannot see that they could possibly endanger their families, they plow through their lives not looking to the right or the left and think that the world is turning so what could go wrong. They have no clue.
    The lone person of distruction can be relatively undetected to do his planning. When he involves others the chances are that he will have some kind of problem in his plan. But the lone person when he is caught because he didn’t kill himself or use suicide by cop is always labeled. The gammit of labels nullify any message he may have wanted to put forth.
    Societal breakdown has not even started. This is like taking a sip of tea. We have no idea as to what it will truly be like.

  • Skean Dhude


    Those on the hill may find things not going their way soon enough. Default is a real threat and will not be good. People will not react well at all.

    I agree that the little man is struggling to make ends meet too. He isn’t going to risk getting sacked or replaced.

    They can hide what he says but even if 0.01% get the message that is a lot of people that they have to worry about.

    I know we don’t know and I would prefer we don’t find out but these guys seem determined to carry on regardless.

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