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Couple of nuggets of information I’ve gathered that I’m passing on. Might be interesting, may not, depending on your interest.

The forum is going better than I expected. Although I am getting signups at the ratio of 1:5 with the 5 being spammers and some of the others I’m not sure about because people use some strange names. I’m banning them as soon as I am sure about them mainly by their home pages and signatures. Still lots of lurkers though coming in as guests and that is fine by me. Sign up only allows users to comment and does not open up any new areas although I’m sure those lurkers have a lot of information that would be worth sharing. It would be good if they join up and contribute that knowledge. Come and join our discussion on the best survival dog and give us your views. You know you want to.

Now that the reporting on the riots has gone we can see our country settling itself down again, the safety valve released … for now. The news topics now is again about politicians expenses, how doctors are screwing us via false reporting, helping unwittingly by the inept government, and how our troopers morale is at an all time low. All big shockers I’m sure … for the politicians anyway. This is going to lead to unrest, perhaps not the end of the world but certainly enough for most of us who live in major areas to want to keep our heads down and our supplies will certainly be handy.

Bitcoin seems to be struggling lately. As the leading edge of the technology in a very staid and tightly regulated market is is getting unwelcome attention from the US gov. Undoubtably, our government will have its sticky fingers in the pie as well. Some banks are considering picking up Bitcoin and running with it as clearing houses. How something like Bitcoin, designed to work without a centralised system, can be integrated into a banking network is beyond me. I want to keep away from all of these organisations. Bitcoin prices are going down and my US 3 cents is now worth about US 1 cent so it seems I’m not the only one thinking that way. Bang goes my retirement plans. Bitcoin is still the leader in this field however, as with all cutting edge technology, along comes a new contender SolidCoin. Built on Bitcoin code but with significant enhancements it is looking at taking over the number one slot when Bitcoin crashes. Bitcoin and SolidCoin are incompatible so it is not as simple as upgrading. Nothing is ever easy. I’m interested in this so I’ll be watching what goes on.

Finally, as the nights start to close in I’m out there cutting back my trees and bushes. The brambles are all over the place and I’ve filled the compost bins and a green bin with them. Our county is changing the bin collections so it looks like the green bins are going although I’m not sure what they will be replaced with. Maybe I’ll just put in another compost bin and save the hassle and the potential fine. I’ll put the weeds in this one and leave it for a long long time. It is a pity as I found the green bins were handy to get rid of all the weeds without worrying about the compost.

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