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Let there be Light

A new generation of indoor growing gear is going to be on the market soon. It is called a Light Farm. This one has a major difference though, it uses LEDs and not light bulbs which should keep the electricity costs down.

Indoor cannibis farming will get a boost and will be less likely to be detected as there will be less heat generated and less electricity used. What is good for them though will also be good for us. We don’t want a lot of electricity used nor do we want that electricity to simply be converted to heat as light bulbs tend to do.

So it can fulfil several requirements that we need;

  • It can be self contained indoors. To be hidden from predators
  • Less wastage on weeds
  • It does not use as much electricity. Our electricity will be restricted
  • We can use them now to grow exotic plants

Another item I will be watching with interest. I can see several potential uses here for something like this.

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