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The assumptions we all make

Never assume, it makes an ASS out of U and ME.

My article on forced assumptions and how we make them by making decision has resulted in a few emailed questions. Here is what I mean about assumptions that we make when we make decisions with examples from bugging in.

Although we try not to assume anything in our plans for preperations it is unavoidable. By simply making decisions we are forcing assumptions on ourselves and unless you are mega rich we need to make assumptions to make any progress at all. So let us look at some common assumptions that we make by deciding that we are bugging in. make sure you have considered these as a minimum.

First of all by deciding to bug in we assume that;

  • We will survive the event
  • Our home will survive the event relatively unscathed
  • That we will not be moved on prior to an event
  • That we can all get to our home after the event
  • That our supplies can be secured and not easily found
  • That we can live in our home without causing curiosity with neighbours or passers by
  • That we are out of the way or can avoid a mob looting property
  • That our home will not be burned to the ground because it is over something like a shop
  • We can access our stashes without causing suspicion
  • We will be able to control the children/animals/old folk enough to avoid attention
  • We can handle anyone unexpected who turns up and causes a fuss
  • We have enough stores to outlive the rest
  • We can store or collect enough water to live from around us
  • We can store or grow enough food to meet our requirements
  • We can hide our crops from roving people and neighbours
  • We can live as a family without raising suspicion
  • We can hide whilst living as a family from neighbours and acquaintances
  • We can dispose of our waste without raising suspicion

I’m sure you can think of many more that we need to consider. It isn’t just making lists and calculating how much food you need. It is the storage, the access, the hiding and the disposal of anything and everything. Including avoiding being raided, keeping our heads downs and being able to live without attracting attention. For some this will not be an issue for others it may be the main issue.

We must plan for these situations or we have not really planned for bugging in. We need to mitigate against our assumptions.

Now consider the assumptions you make in your decision making processes. examine them and try and mitigate the risks.

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