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Encrypted Communication Software

Encrypted Communication Software. Why use this?

Many popular applications are recorded and available on request to Law Enforcement Agencies. Applications like Skype for voice communication the conversations you have is available to the Authorities along with chat applications like Facebook being searched by Law Enforcement Agencies for anything useful to them.

What options are their available still?

Their is a few options left available which include:

1) Instant Messaging via Massively Multiplayer Online games, (MMO’s) for short. But they too will soon be recording conversations at the request of the authorities to shut the loophole which is currently open I recommend Ryzom for this purpose as the company is based in Cyprus not in the United Kingdom.

2) You also have the option to combine the usage of TOR with Mumble Voice Chat which is the only games voice chat application with the protocol required to run TOR that I am aware of through which TOR can be run through to secure the voice chat. TOR can be found at TOR Project and a free 5 person on at any time mumble voice chat server can be obtained at Mumble. I know this is possible and works but have not set these two applications up to work together.

3) Another option is to use an Encrypted instant IM available at TORChat which works with TOR Hidden Services which is accessed using the browser download of TOR and using a .Onion web address in the browser to access the TOR Hidden Services or secure email services available at Tor Mail which also uses a .onion address and can be found the same way. Both of these methods only work with the download of TOR found at
The TOR Project.

4) A easier to set up option is Seecrypt. Seecrypt is encrypted voice communication software available at SeeCrypt. This software can only be used for devices with access to the following services: Google play, Apple App Store, Blackberry 10 and Windows Phone. A set up guide can be found at SeeCrypt Downloads which will walk you through setting up Seecrypt for your phone. You will need to confirm the email address you use for Seecrypt by clicking on the link in the email Seecrypt send to your email inbox.

Those are the options that I am aware of that currently exist their may be others out there.

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