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How we need to prepare


When Good enough is Good Enough

In many article we talk about skills and we advise that people commit time to learning how to do certain tasks. Depending on the individual some people throw themselves into it and basically start a new hobby whilst other just learn enough to understand the process. Both of these paths are perfectly valid and we […]

NR’s famous Basic Family Prepping Guide


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This booklet is designed to make you more aware of the options available to you and how to adapt your lifestyle to meet the problems life throws up.

Disasters can be roughly defined as natural, political, environmental or social in origin. They can […]

What would you do?

The next in the series to make you think about things up front. Each of you will answer differently and you will all be right, or maybe wrong. It isn’t a sure thing with definitive Yes/No answers. There are no rights and wrongs only something to consider and plan for.

You are looking down at […]

Having the Right Outfit

I’m a firm believer in having the right tools for a job if you can, being a prepper though I’m more than happy to make do when I have to though. It isn’t just tools though, it also includes clothing, which we quite often forget.

Having the right clothes goes a long way in protecting […]