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How we need to prepare


OPSEC issues

One of the biggest issues that we all have is OPSEC. All our other issues are outside our control in many respects, financial, storage, time, etc. it is just we just can’t really do anything about them. OPSEC though is something that we can do but we don’t really exercise the control to do it […]

Don’t do it all yourself

One mistake that most of us as preppers tend to do is decide that we will do everything ourselves. It is impossible. We can, and should, try and understand everything but some things will need to be left to specialists or people with more time.

The tasks that should be left to specialists are tasks […]

Prepping without a TARDIS

A major issue and a hot topic of conversation for all preppers is storage space. Until the time comes when the invent a storage room like the TARDIS from Dr Who then we will always be fighting for more space and looking for ideas for making better use of our existing space.

I’ve live in […]

The Reasonableness Test

In all aspects of life we learn best by trial and error. As babies we try something and it hurts or we get scolded and we learn what we can do and what we can’t. As we get older these errors usually work out more painful or, as more usual, financially disadvantageous.

In prepping however […]