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How we need to prepare


Slugs, snails and bugs, definitely not puppy dog tails

After my comment in a previous article about trying some slugs and snails I thought I would go and have a look at what was available. In my view food animals that rear themselves in an inhospitable environment without any effort on your side deserve a place in your survival food stores. We may not […]

Nettle Wine


4 pints fresh nettle tips – young tips. The best are collected late morning in spring 1 lb raisins 3 1/2 lbs sugar Juice of 2 lemons 8 pints water Wine yeast 1 teaspoon yeast nutrient 1 campden tablet

Instructions; Wash fresh nettle tips and add to a saucepan of boiling water, together with […]

Feeding yourself with an air rifle

Just been sent a link to a just released book, The Airgun Hunter’s Year: From Dawn to Dusk Throughout the Seasons, it looks the kind of book that would be handy in working out the best hunting areas when you have limited resources.

While I was there I noticed this book, Fit for Table: The […]

Wheat Germ: Forgotten Super Food for GOOD and Long-Term Storage, by Kitchen Maven – A repost

First of all I would like to thank JW Rawles, of SurvivalBlog fame, for allowing me to publish this article. When I wrote to him explaining that I was setting up a site with a bias to UK prepping he gave me permission to republish 10 of his posts to get me started. A true […]