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How we need to prepare


Kit Shopping Lists

On the mitigation list we have several different emergency supply kits all with a specific purpose. Some names look similar but each one tends to have slightly different contents to fit a particular requirement.

Starting with foodstuffs, it is obvious that the contents of a 24 Hour emergency supply will be entirely different from the contents of a six months supply and not just in size. For example you only really need the real basics for a day, water and some rice will keep you going fine, for a six month stint you need a more balanced diet, one that meets your nutritional requirements as well as additional items to allow you to meet your hygiene standards such as clothes, tooth and hair care as well as items of entertainment to keep you sane.

Therefore we have several different lists for different durations. The longer the duration the more foodstuffs, obviously, but also the more extras such as toothpaste and lighting.

Here are the suggestions for;

72 Hour (3 days) Emergency Supplies. (Not yet)
15 Months Emergency Supplies. (Right Click)
15 Months Food Supplies. (Right Click)

Add in anything else you need for your specific requirements and substitute things as required, for example if someone is allergic to nuts or is diabetic. I do not have experience with any specialist food requirements so you must do that for yourself. Get advice if you need to.

As far as the other lists go they are pretty much what they say on the tin. Further details are inside each spreadsheet.

72 Hour (3 days) Evacuation Kit. (Not yet)
Home Medical Kit. (Right Click)
Radiation Kit. (Not yet)
Self Defence Kit. (Not yet)
Bunker Down Kit. (Not yet)
Hunting Kit. (Not yet)
Fishing Kit. (Not yet)
Garden Produce Kit. (Not yet)
Home Rearing Kit. (Not yet)
Infrastructure Contingency Kit. (Not yet)
Infrastructure Replacement. (Not yet)
Car Bug Out Kit. (Right Click)
Personal Bug Out Kit. (Right Click)
Every Day Carry Kit. (Right Click)
Emergency Evacuation Kit. (Not yet)

If you think I have missed something off any of the above lists then let us know via the contact form and we will consider adding the item.