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How we need to prepare


The Weekend Challenge

This test is simply a weekend without modern conveniences such as electricity, water, heating, no car, no radio, no TV, no computer and see how you go. Safe, easy and simple enough. Its a safe environment to find out how much harder life is without such items and also give you the opportunity to test your plans.

  • No electricity. Switch it off if you have no freezers. If you can’t just don’t use anything electrical.
  • No water or Gas. Switch it off.
  • No heating. Use blankets and clothes.
  • No car. Use a pedal bike or walk.
  • Eat what you have stored. Use stored gear to heat up.
  • No flushing of the toilet.
  • Use water you have stored in bottles, pots, etc.
  • No lights besides torches, candles.
  • No buying anything at the shops.
  • No visitors bearing gifts.

You may use any items that are in your possession, that includes food, equipment and infrastructure. It does not include involving others outside your prepping group or any items you do not have. As you go on you may identify items that are missing, note these and any other problems you hit and if you can resolve them with items you already have then do so. If you cannot then do without. Do not go outside for help or equipment.

Note: If you are doing this in Winter and you hit issues that you cannot resolve then note the issue and stop the test immediately. Do not put yourself at risk.

When you have completed your test you may have noted several areas that need further work. Refine your plans and/or storage lists as necessary to resolve those issues. Let us know how it went and any tips you have picked up. Retest when you have made the changes to ensure that they do resolve the issues.

Bear in mind that we could easily go through two days in the middle of summer with just drinks so doing this over a summer weekend from Friday afternoon till Sunday evening should not be a problem. The Winter test however will be much more demanding.