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How we need to prepare



What we mean here by security covers two areas. Each is important in its own way.

The first is Operational Security.
This is where you simply take care about what you say and do. The phrase ‘Loose lips sinks ships’ was a WWII saying that is still applicable now. Simply don’t tell your neighbours about your food stores. Don’t tell your workmates about your firearms at home and make sure your family follows that example. In addition don’t buy too many items at the one place, unless you run a store, and take care with deliveries if you live in a curtain twitching area. If nobody knows it is there they can’t come and take it away.

The second is Physical Security.
Putting an alarm on the house. Putting good quality locks on the door. Hiding your foodstuffs from general visitors and the meter man.

Start now by being careful what you say to people. Don’t talk about your changes, don’t put the information of your blog or facebook page and make sure your family does the same. Put an alarm in your house and use it. Check all the entry points. Put good solid locks on them and ensure all windows are secured also. Change the doors if necessary. Secure doors can look like normal doors but with solid frames can be difficult to breach. Windows are the difficult areas to secure but having modern double glazing makes them too noisy for break-ins. If you have the cash then you can get toughened glass which is even better.

Get a dummy email address if you want to talk on line and don’t use Your If you want one they are available from Hotmail or Yahoo or you can get one of mine. Try and avoid identifying yourself in the name. Keep your head down on-line. For one thing our government is listening in and they are not on your side with this.

4 comments to Security

  • Skvez

    “If nobody knows it is there they can’t come and take it away.”
    Oh so not true, try “If nobody knows it is there they won’t immediately come to you first to take it away. However they may still come to you sooner or later as part of a systematic (or random) search.”

    After I Read Last Light by Alex Scarrow I realised that for anyone bugging-in (most of us in the UK) others would come and simply take the prepers supplies away.
    Not only do you need to ensure no-one knows you have prepared, but you need to *hide* your preps sufficiently well that they’re not found in a rough search of your home! This is no simple feat.

  • Skean Dhude


    I’ve just done a post that touches on that Bunker Down or Bug Out? I’ve also touched on storage and hidden rooms in the post I did after that called Storing foodstuffs – Where and how?

    It is a major issue for us and we need to do it but you can only do so much with what you have. OPSEC is important and well as somewhere that will be missed without tearing the house down to the ground. I will be revisiting this subject with some suggestions and hopefully we, as a group, will come up with some solutions that will be able to suit every environment. Although that may be too ambitious. Let us see how it goes.

  • PEACE ^_^

    If any anyone is on any social networking sites close them down NOW!! WHY? Here you go:

  • Skean Dhude


    Google is just as bad. Read the book Broken Window by Jeffrey Deaver, one of my favourite writers, if you want to see what Google and firms like them are up to.

    I have a Facebook account. It just holds my name, a special email and little else.

    You control how much you give out. Be careful with it.

    Of course the government just takes what it wants. Spoil their data as much as you can. Mispell your name, address, change your emaila and phone numbers as often as you can. Use proxy servers.

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