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Homestead basics

Homestead. An American term meaning a large home, or homes, on a good parcel of land.

In the context of this site I mean a home on land or not. Obviously you can do a lot more on land than you can do without land but there is still plenty you can do if even you live in the suburbs or in a block of flats.

Personally, I think everyone who can should have some land they can call their own where they can plant things or keep livestock or even hunt and trap. However, the opposite is usually the case here in the UK.

I’ll be putting up articles on various ways to improve your home here. Ways to improve your income, ways to cut down your spending and ways to help you live better if things change for the worse.

But most importantly, think about this. There are always skills that are in demand. Some temporary and some have been in demand for hundreds of years. Plumbing, building, carpentry, farming and hunting are some of the obvious ones but if things get bad some of the skills you will need we don’t really have the way they are needed now; cooks, blacksmith, shoemaker, tailor, brewer and healer are some examples. Computer skills and financial experience are not going to be so much in demand. What earns most of us, including me, money now will do nothing in the event of a collapse. Your money will be worthless and all you will have is your possessions and your skills.

Think about what you are good at. What do you like doing and could do and consider making it a hobby. Skills will be a commodity, like gold, silver, food and weapons, and the more you can do as a family or group the less you have to pay outsiders to do. The more skills each of you know, including some key overlaps, the better off you will be.

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