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Laws and survival preparation

Due to human nature and the fact that we are always screwing each other over in some way or form to gain an advantage we have laws.

These laws have changed from the original sensible laws such as you must not murder, steal etc. to laws that are designed to protect the state and maximise their power and income. Laws such as the public cannot defend themselves, protest without prior arrangement and cannot buy many things that were a part of life only 50 years ago.

This means that in your task of preparing for a real disaster scenario you are denied items that you will need and will not be able to create yourself when you need them. Items such as morphine, epilepsy tablets, etc. never mind items such as weapons. Nobody will be there to issue them as they do now.

The question springs to mind. You have prepared for years, scrimped and saved and now the world has stopped, you have food and water for your family for a year. Someone comes to your house with a gun. Who then has the food and water? It will take a politician or a leftie to get that answer wrong.

So what can you do? Well, I always say stick to the law where you can. If you find somewhere where you cannot find an alternative then you need to consider if you are willing to break a law to get it. Sure, if it is something like building an underground storage area without planning permission then what is the worst that can happen? A fine, destruction of the storage area? Go for it. Those laws are useless anyway but what about when you want to get a gun? Tricky Dicky the local drug dealer may sell you morphine or a gun now but that isn’t going to happen after any event. So it is now or making do without one. Do not think for a minute that the bad guys roaming your neighbourhood will all be unarmed.

Obviously, the gun and drugs are one extreme, the most likely issue is breaking local bylaws by storing too much fuel, gas or restricted chemicals in a shed or having too much ammunition on hand in a private residence. Hell, there are so many laws now everyone is probably breaking the law daily.

Personally, I’m not too concerned with local laws like that. I have access to commercial premises where I store my fuel, gas etc. what I am more concerned about though is I do not have a handgun and criminals around here do, so I want one, I do not have any partially decent store of medicines outside the OTC (over the counter) drugs and, although I personally don’t have anyone who needs drugs long term there are many people out there that do plus you never know what is going to happen. So, I want some for that just in case time. If I acquired either I would have to store somewhere that wouldn’t be traced back to me, somewhere I could get to quickly and without travelling too far and that somewhere needs to keep my illegal items safe.

Think about it would you want your loved ones to suffer or die in pain all because a bunch of politicians and leftie nutters don’t want people to have any choice in their recreational drugs or your family to starve because your supplies that you squirreled away at your expense have been taken by someone with a gun whilst you are unarmed.

Now this sort of thinking goes on all the time. When Obama became president gun sales soared because the public thought registration and licensing were going to be on the table. Do you honestly think all those millions of Americans are going to then register the guns that they bought before registration? If so, I have several hundred sachets of dehydrated water you can purchase at £1 each. Just add water.

When you come across an area like this. Think about it, pros and cons. Make your choices. You, or your family, will have to live or die by your decisions.

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