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One step at a time

Information in the Information Age is easy to find. How to build your own gun, skin a deer, build a shelter, smoke a fish, build a water filter, etc. Knowledge on how to use that information and, what is more important, priority is harder or nearly impossible to find because it is usually unique to you.

If that is not bad enough the real problem we have is we don’t know what we are preparing for or when it is going to happen. Because of this we do not know what to concentrate our limited resources on. It is a fact of life that whatever you have planned, whatever you have spent your money on and stored away will probably not be enough or the right stuff. Only experience gives us that knowledge and that has been lost or mislaid a long time ago. We have to accept that we can only do what we can afford and have the time to do. If you prioritise your life yourself then you can ensure that what is important to you is identified and then advice here, from others, will ensure that you have it covered as best as you can do.

What I am looking at doing here is just supplying everything I can. A large collection of eBooks covering everything I can think of, a small amount of experience because living in the socialist UK means we have nanny to look after us and not much experience of self reliance and a large amount of attitude because I’m not just sitting down waiting for someone to look after me and mine. I’m going to do it myself and do it right although I also do not have an idea of what is going to happen any more than anyone else. It may work out to be nothing but in that eventuality you will not have lost anything. Everything you buy, build or learn is or can be used to save you money on a day to day basis and make living that little bit easier. Pick and choose what information you want to download, skills you want to learn and the items you want to prioritise.

My suggestion is do the planning. Plan and see what you may need. Download all the information you can, read as much as you can so you know what to acquire before it is unavailable. Buy what you can afford in your priority order and build up a store. Build what you can’t buy and learn everything you can. Educate others on how to do this and live comfortably as a group, a team with no need to worry about the future because you have prepared and are ready.

As John Lennon said ‘Life is what happens, while you are busy making plans.’ It is true, let us not get away from the fact that we still need to live while we prepare and that life must not be a miserable one or what is the point?

I’m going to try and help you prioritise, starting here, and moving on to learning to live in a self reliant way. One step at a time and tailored to meet your requirements, by you.

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