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Morse Code

Video and Voice communications may be common now but there was a time when people had to communicate with only dots and dashes. It was called Morse Code. The only times most of us will see it now are on TV with War or Cowboy movies when they use the radio to contact the troops or using the telegraph.

Knowledge of Morse Code is required to pass a Ham Radio license. It is quite easy to learn. Visit Learn Morse Code and learn its secrets in under a minute.

Download the Morse Code Sheet

Download a copy of the Learn Morse Code Sheets.

8 comments to Morse Code

  • Lightspeed

    Incorrect SD: Morse code no longer has to be learned for any grade of UK amateur radio license.

    In fact the Foundation license is simply a multiple coice test, that takes less than 15 minutes for most people to complete. There is still a “morse appreciation ” element, but this is passable without any prior training provided you can hear the difference between “dits and Dahs”

    A license is only of any value before the major event. Afterwards there will be no one to police radio usage and it will be a free-for all.

    Morse code is probably the most effective communications language for long range, and noisy operating conditions. Using just 5w power simple home made equipment can establish reliable world wide communications.

    Anyone can purchase Amateur radio equipment, and anyone can listen to radio signals using that equipment. No license is required for owning the equipment, only for transmitting with it.

    The value of a license from our perspective of preparedness Is that it allows us hands on experience of operating transmitting eqipment. This is skill and experience that must be learned (even the lowest level foundation license will suffice in this respect)

  • Skean Dhude

    Very interesting. I may even get a license now depending on the total cost. How much are they to train for, take the test and the license? Do you still need to know morse?

    I’ll update the article and change the wording to reflect that.

  • Lightspeed

    Hi SD,

    Cost of the foundation exam is £27.50

    Here’s a link to what’s involved:

    Local radio clubs often run training sessions, often free of charge. RSGB sell a booklet entitled “Foundation Now” that covers absolutely the whole course, so you could self train. It costs GBP 15.00 I think. Really it is not too complex, young people of 10 years old quite often pass.

    There is absolutely no requirement to know or learn Morse Code.

  • Lightspeed

    I just looked up the cost of the Foundation License now booklet its £4.99

  • Skean Dhude

    Thanks for that. It must be worth considering.

    About the kids. You mean the kids that kick me all over the place in computer games and that can intuitivly use all modern equipment while I am looking at unwrapping the manual. That is no comfort 🙂

  • Lightspeed

    Worldwide communications for peanuts ( but huge amount of patience required)

    It is possible to communicate globally using home constructed kit radios costing from as little as GBP 8.20!!!

    The kits are tiny too, many will fit into Altoids mint tins and run off of either 9v or 12 v supplies. With a small reel of thin wire they can be included in Bug out Bag contents. They are especially effective when deployed in the field.

    If you’re interested in using morse code as a communicating method the kits below might be intersting?

    $ 35.00 inc shipping: Go for 20m (14MHz) version.
    0.5w CW ( Morse Code) Receiver and transmitter.
    Requires 9v or 12v supply and antenna ( approx 10metres long ), morse key/ paddle ( Viable paddles can be easily home made)

    Current distance record for this device is USA to New Zeland see

    Pixie II transceiver:
    0.2w CW ( Morse Code) Receiver and transmitter.
    $ 9.50 plus shipping: Comes with output filters for 80m (3.5MHz) and 40m (7Mhz)
    Crystals to control the operating frequency have to be purchased separately. $ 2.75 each or $ 14.95 for a pack of 7 different frequencies.
    Requires 9v or 12v supply, morse key (tapper) and antenna. (appprox 40m long for 3.5 MHz or 20m long for 7Mhz)

  • Skean Dhude

    Very interesting. A lot cheaper than what I was looking at.

  • Gerd

    Morsecode Learning with free Android-app: MorseMind
    Download in Android Market.

    Try it!
    Gerd, DF9iV

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