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Bulk buying

Another area where we seem to lose out in the UK is with bulk buying. Our supermarkets and warehouses do not seem to sell anything in the sort of quantities we want nor do they offer significant discounts to private citizens.

Although that happens quite a lot in the US I’ve noticed that several preppers have got together and made themselves a bulk buying club, a cooperative of sorts to enhance their buying power. This gives them greater buying power and saves money. It makes them look like a small shop with their purchases being much more than the overage family and they get some good discounts, end of lines etc. This is exactly how the Co-operative got started all those years ago.

This would also work for preppers in the UK. We could get together, at the very least on-line, and create a purchasing Cooperative. Sounds perfectly reasonable and providing no profits are made it would be perfectly legal as well. Many suppliers sell directly to market stalls, small shops, pound shops and mini markets and prefer them to large shops as they don’t get beaten down in price so they barely make any margin. They would be happy to deal with us on that basis.

So, another project, look at setting up a small Co-op. Survival UK Cooperative. I already know that medical consumables can be bought a lot cheaper in bulk.

Remember, this is not a competition to see who can stock up the most on the least amount. We are looking at setting up a community of like minded souls. Let’s share what we can.

Who is interested? Email me and I’ll look at what can be done. Even a few of us would make it worthwhile for everyone involved.

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