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Contact database in now up

I’ve finished working on the contact database and it is now available via the menu bar above.

Bear in mind it has just gone up so don’t expect it to be populated with hundreds of like minded people willing to meet or talk about survival or self sufficiency. It will take a while.

How it works is simple. You create an account, all you need is an email address which we will not share with anyone, and you make up a username and password. Once you have validated the email by clicking on the link sent to you you can login and change your settings. Options are available, all voluntary for you to help with this site and any organisation of events. You should participate to gain the full benefit of the system. You can then select areas of the country you would be happy to travel to to meet other survivalists/preppers. For example if you live in Devon and would travel to Cornwall select these options. Later on when you search the database if someone else has selected any of the same areas, for example Devon, you will see their screen name and be given an option to send them a contact request which will send them your email address. If they accept they will reply to your own email address and then you can converse via normal email and make whatever arrangements you want. To stop harrassment this email is a one off and you cannot send that user another email via the system. If you spam or harrass any user via this system your account will be locked out.

In addition if there is an event going on in those areas and you have selected to be kept updated then you will be sent a message about the event. All options can be changed at any time.

If you have agreed to help, when something is going on then someone will be in touch to arrange your participation. Again entirely optional.

So connect up and fill in your details now. Go here to register.

4 comments to Contact database in now up

  • Debra

    My partner and I are extremely concerned at the state of the world especially in the last few years. This latest Covid 19, which we believe the numbers have been greatly inflated and merged with the regular flu deaths each year, have been manipulated to bring in Gates vaccinations programme. We have no intention of taking the vaccine but we fear by refusing, people like us will be refused access to our freedom to work, shop and travel.
    We have been stockpiling food since last November when the China outbreak was taking shape. My partner knew then what was coming. Thankfully we are mortgage free but we are both heading to retirement in the next 10 years. How do we support ourselves financially if we are unable to leave the house, shop for supplies and work? We both work in education and fear this sector will most likely force vaccinations onto employees. How can we best prepare as we both need to earn an income still?

  • Skean Dhude

    I can understand your concern but I just don’t see everyone signing up for the vaccination. What are they going to do get everyone who hasn’t wear a yellow star? However, I would guess that being in education they will make thing difficult for you but that is what unions are for.

    Being mortgage free is the best thing you could do and it gives you a lot of options and control. You could even take up different employment at a lower wage and keep out of the spotlight. Read the pages on being the grey man and keeping your head down.

    My advice would be carry on as normal. Keep you head down and let others object and raise hell and dissemble until you can’t any longer and then see where you are. As I said I just don’t see this happening.

  • Sophie Smith

    Hello. I’ve just recently started on my prepping journey and with current Covid stuff and the very worrying behaviour of the government, I’m looking to connect with like minded people and learn to become more self sufficient.
    I’m not sure if I’ve registered on the contact database – I’ve input my details below. Let me know if I need to do anything else?
    Thank you,

    • Skean Dhude

      Sophie, You don’t need to do anything else with the contact db. Browse are reach out as required.

      Lots of interesting stuff in the files area as well.

      I wouldn’t worry too much about Covid. History will show it was overhyped by the Government and media whipping each other into a frenzy. The knee jerk reactions, lockdown, vaccines, etc. will have done a lot more harm than Covid ever will. I just take care with strangers and family members that are ill, avoid anyone with obvious flu symptoms and don’t get a Covid jab.

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