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How we need to prepare

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Emergency Action Plans

The first thing you hear is a siren. It sounds like one of the WW2 air raids so you look up and over to the East there is a fire or something and you can see the smoke rising. It looks like it is heading your way. With growing horror and fear you realise it […]

First contact

There you are. The world has ended, well the civilisation part anyway, and you are just starting to accept the fact. You have supplies to keep you going and plans to make sure you are not only going to survive but to actually live a very reasonable life. Sure, its not what you wanted which […]

Propane as a fuel

I was originally looking at propane as a source of power for the initial transitory period. It is an excellent choice. However, while investigating storage solutions I found advantages in considering it for longer term use.


It last for a very long time, several decades It can power cookers, light, fridges, freezers and engines […]

Getting beyond living hand to mouth

In the post ‘The real point of what we do‘ I have explained why we prepare for survival. Many of us will not have thought it through beyond the keeping ourselves alive bit and think that if we survive then we will settle back to where we were. As I have explained it isn’t going […]