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How we need to prepare


Review the area around your retreat

One thing we should all do while we have access to the Internet is to use Google Maps in conjunction with local OS maps to review the area for about 2 to 3 miles around your retreat. If you intend to bug out then also do the same around your bug out retreat. It is […]

A biofuel crop worth looking at

Whilst I was looking for some information on biofuels I came across mention of a new plant, to me, Jatropha Curcas.

It seems it is being hailed as the new bio crop as its seeds are up to 60% oil which we can use for fuel for our vehicles. It grows in some of […]

Farmers markets

When I was younger I used to visit a farmers market that sold livestock as well as locally grown produce. It was a popular and bustling place with much there to keep a youngster like me interested while my parents did their shopping. It was a time when meat was much more expensive and consumed […]

Slugs, snails and bugs, definitely not puppy dog tails

After my comment in a previous article about trying some slugs and snails I thought I would go and have a look at what was available. In my view food animals that rear themselves in an inhospitable environment without any effort on your side deserve a place in your survival food stores. We may not […]