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How we need to prepare


The Rapture

Over the last few days another prediction of the end of the world has passed. On the 21st May The Rapture was going to take all the righteous up to heaven while the rest of us stayed on Earth. Well all I know for certain is that I didn’t go and I don’t know anyone […]

Chemicals or natural gardening

I’m a believer in the modern ways and that technology will be the saviour of mankind. Despite its use so far to suppress and control us. I believe that the advances we make will enable us to feed the world and allow us to progress whilst going back to the old ways will result in […]

Are you sure? Would you bet on it?

In my experience people are over confident in their abilities and continually feel they are in a better position or have covered all the bases more than reality would suggest. In the situation where they are preparing something for someone else no risk or danger is enough to dent their confidence in the slightest. This […]

This is what happens when you don’t prepare

When you fail to prepare you prepare to fail. An old Project Management quote and it is right.

Yesterday my ISP disconnected my broadband implementing a upgrade package to improve my broadband. Mmmm. They have planned this upgrade package for a while and now is the time. It seems that it is going to take […]