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How we need to prepare


This is what happens when you don’t prepare

When you fail to prepare you prepare to fail. An old Project Management quote and it is right.

Yesterday my ISP disconnected my broadband implementing a upgrade package to improve my broadband. Mmmm. They have planned this upgrade package for a while and now is the time. It seems that it is going to take four days to implement and during that time I can expect periods of no service with intermittent slow service. Sadly, I can expect no improvement after the upgrade because I don’t have the package with all the bells and whistles. Great.

I don’t have a contingency plan for my broadband. It isn’t worth it to me so when it is down it is unavailable. It has been good so far but of course like everything else it couldn’t have happened at a worse time for me personally. I’m looking for a new role and I’m working online for a project. One of the downsides of Cloud Computing.

So if the posts are sporadic over the next few days you know what is up.

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