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Living the life

All over the world there are communities where they live simple lives, working together to provide food and sustenance to all the members of the community. A number of these are Socialist communes while others are more Libertarian in nature.

In a Socialist commune the funding usually involves either; the members being registered for social security and living from that or they have one or two people who are either wealthy or highly paid who the others rely on to keep the place funded. Some communes require everyone to give their entire net worth to the leader who uses it to fund the commune and their lifestyle. The land being owned by the few or the one.

Most Libertarian communes are more like living in a little village; where people have their own properties and work on their own farms employing people to help them produce whatever they are producing. This output is then bartered between them and any surplus is sold to outsiders to inject some finance into the commune.

Either way; these people are living the life they want. They both however require resources from outside. Both will use outside medical service, they will get their fuel, building materials and supplies that they cannot produce or make themselves.

The third type, again Libertarian, tends to be more religious and is where the people in the community live lives that have not changed for over a hundred years. They use horses and oxen to plough the fields, they do not use electricity and the make and build everything themselves as much as possible. Of course they still interact with the rest of the world to sell produce and to purchase items that they cannot build or make themselves but it is kept to a minimum.

The major differences though is that in an event some of these will survive as if nothing has gone wrong whilst others will quickly fall apart. All will lose out from the benefits of modern medicine but the last group will continue on as simply as before. The second group will also survive, adapt quite well and continue on with a few significant modifications. The first group however will be a perfect example of how not to do it. The leader will still be in charge but in charge of a rabble and a rabble willing to do anything to stay alive. Any local communities will be in trouble and are likely to be raided for food. Such will be the mind set behind them.

In the UK we probably have a few of the Socialist communes, they will be set up in areas just outside towns where they can still collect their payments and they will have several children in tow. Some will move around from town to town leeching off society whilst augmenting their income by stealing until they are forced to move on. Both rely on the generosity of local people and the fact that the law is on their side, even when they are breaking it themselves.

I am unaware of any Libertarian type communes because if there was our lying thieving government would be down on them like a ton of bricks for tax evasion or failing to meet any one of a million bits of legislation that are in place.

I was actually wondering about what would be required to set up a Libertarian type commune in the UK. I was looking at the second of our options, one where we would interact with the world at large until an event where we could quickly isolate ourselves but in the meantime we would live the life we want, a low impact life with less of a culture shock if an event happened yet with the benefits of an advanced society.

The issue of course, is that our government, being a nanny state, will not leave us alone. They would want to monitor and control everything we do, they would still enforce their laws regarding trivial issues such as electrical wiring, gas fitting, amounts of fuel stored in a single location and a million other similar nanny laws. Laws on schooling, minimum wage laws, laws on smoking. The list is endless. This means that in reality we would not be able to set up any sort of Libertarian commune anywhere in the UK unless we were prepared to break the law at almost every turn. I don’t see us being able to do it any other way. Which means it is almost impossible for us to set up a local community and start living the life in the UK like others do. The best we could do is go it alone.

However, a commune set up with dead beats and layabouts which is a blight on the local area with thefts, noise and a dangerous environment would be fine. That is the nanny state in action for you.

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