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I am into Self Sufficiency not Survivalism

Survivalists are portrayed in the media as tin foil hat nutters. Mad and bad we are not seen as anything that fits in a decent society. It matters not to the media that a higher proportion of Survivalists than the average in society itself are hard working and industrious. They see us as wanting to be outside society and simply to be left alone and that disturbs them greatly, we must be beaten down as if enough people wanted that, and achieved their goal, then their socialist society would come tumbling down.

So how can we fix this false stereotype that survivalists are portrayed in the media? Well, we have already taken a leaf out of the socialist handbook and rebranded ourselves as Preppers. This is not yet seen as a negative like Survivalist but still has negative connotations because of what we are preparing for; the absence of government.

A few years ago I thought that we should attach ourselves to the Greens and look like we are living a reduced lifestyle, after ‘The Good Life‘ and the stars were not seen as tin foil hatters, they were in fact shown in a positive light. Decent people trying to keep out of the rat race and scrape by on what they had. They were not mad, bad or hated but left to their own and ignored as they were people who didn’t expect to scrounge off others but made do with what they had. Lately though with the environmentalists pushing for everyone who is alive to pay extra taxes, build shrines to Gaia and eat nothing you don’t grow yourself the green movement is now seen as nutters who care more about a bug than a human and is willing to lie and falsify data to get their way. Many are Malthusians who are actively working towards reducing the human population.

So what we need is a new label, one that is more in line with ‘The Good Life’ than the current crop of whingey whiney greens. One where we can hide while we do our patriotic duty by being good citizens concerned about the environment but away from those that would destroy our pitifully weak economies to try and meet an impossible task changing the climate of an entire planet.

I am looking at being self sufficient. This is usually seen as a positive statement. It means you do not want to be looked after by others, it also means that you don’t interfere with what others do and although they may class you as strange for having chickens in the back garden and growing your own fruit and veg they do not fear or hate you.

So from now on I’m going to tell people that I am being self sufficient. Forced into it by rising government taxes and economic reasons so I am using the latest technology, solar and wind to augment my power to save money rather than replace it to save some strange creature. I will also be using water conservation techniques to cut down on costs rather than save water and growing as much of my own food as I can to reduce paying that starving beast the government any more taxes than I have to.

There. I feel less hated already. I think I will get some cards printed.

2 comments to I am into Self Sufficiency not Survivalism

  • jeff

    As a sane survivalist may I just say that what you’re describing is what survivalism is all about anyway, so rebranding it to show it in an accurate light seems like a good idea to me. Bravo

  • Skean Dhude


    Welcome. I wanted to make people think they are not mad for putting away a little more than the average person and returning to how we stored our food and goods before supermarkets.

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